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Meizu M3 Note Unboxing!

by Linus 11

Meizu is one of those Chinese manufacturers which releases one of the hottest budget devices of the year and it seems that the Meizu M3 Note is no exception. It has great looks, decent specs and it does not cost a fortune. Learn more in our unboxing and first impressions article.

Thanks to Giztop for sending Meizu M3 Note for a review!

Meizu M3 Note: UNBOXING

img_9862 img_9864

The phone comes with the USB charger, SIM ejector pin and some documentation.


img_9867 img_9868

Once I first picked the phone up it was obvious that the device looks the iPhone 6s Plus. It is made of metal (except for the top and bottom parts for antennas) and the build quality is top-notch.


In fact, it is better made than the Meizu MX5 I have reviewed quite a while ago.


We have a 5.5″ 1080p display and the first impressions about it are nothing but positive.  It is sharp and crisp but it is a great panel overall.


We have a 5MP shooter along with a notification LED on the top.


On the bottom there is only a physical home button, which has a lot of features. First, it doubles as a fingerprint scanner and it is easy to setup, fast and accurate. However, it does not work straight from the standby mode, meaning that you have to wake the screen up with a click of a home or power button.

A really cool feature that I love about most of the Meizu phones is that the home button supports a simple tap function, e.g. you can simply tap it and it acts as a back button.


As for optics, we have a 13MP shooter with f/2.2 aperture and PDAF. Just below the camera you can find a dual-tone dual LED flash.

img_9876 img_9877

The phone’s thickness measures at 8.2mm but in the hand it actually feels a bit slimmer. We have the buttons on the right, which have a good tactile feedback and neither of them rattle or wobble.

img_9878 img_9879

Meizu decided to stick with the regular micro USB port.


Overall, my first impressions are positive. I really like the design and great build quality, the display is nice to look at the UI seems to be performing fast.


Stay tuned to Gizmochina for a full review as we need more time testing out all the features like camera, gaming performance, battery life and so on.

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  • Tremaine Underwood

    Finally a review of a phone before its widely available 🙂

    • this is not a review, just unboxing 🙂

      • Tremaine Underwood

        That be true, but they sometimes lead to reviews 🙂

  • illystor

    I’ll be curious to see if there’s much of a noticeable difference in the camera. I realize the sensor and lenses etc are the same, but sometimes a change of chipset can see a change in the camera results. My M2 Note is not a perfect shooter, but at the 800RMB I paid for it, I can’t complain. And since I picked up a cheap but decent tripod, I’ve taken some pretty nice night shots too. Look forward to the full review.

    What are the odds of you guys being able to nab a Pro 6 any time soon, too? Would like to see a run-down from you guys on it.

  • abaggie

    ”In fact, it is better made than the Meizu MX5 I have reviewed quite a while ago.”

    What exactly is better made? To me it seems exactly the same type of material plus structure as the MX5. Only the camera does not protrude and the side-buttons are placed a bit differently.

    • balcobomber25

      As an MX5 owner the only complaint I have with the build quality is the home button, it feels very cheap. The rest of the phone is incredibly well made and has survived dozens of drops and the abuse of 2 two year old kids who played frisbee with it.

    • my Meizu MX5 review unit had slightly rattling buttons, the home button felt cheap and the top and bottom parts were not that perfectly aligned as on the M3 Note.

  • balcobomber25

    I don’t see any resemblance to the iPhone 6 Plus. Camera and Flash are in different positions, antennae lines are different, bottom of the phone is different, home button is different. The only thing that looks marginally close is the volume buttons.

  • Allanitomwesh

    Is it running Flyme or Aliyun?

  • Atif Hussain

    Could you help as I’m from India & m3 note is suppose to launch here in May. I’m confused whether to buy redmi note 3 or the m3 note. Should I wait for the m3 note as it looks better than note 3 or should I go with the latter?

  • AbdulB1

    I hate its button layout