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Cubot H2 Review: 5000mAh battery, very fast and built like a tank

by Linus 13

The battery life is one of the key features of each phone and a lot of Chinese manufacturers try to solve that issue by producing phones with huge batteries. Cubot H2 is one of them and it is an affordable solution. Learn more in a full review.

Thanks to Tinydeal for sending Cubot H2 for a review.

Cubot H2 Review: VIDEO REVIEW

Cubot H2 Review: UNBOXING

img_9765 img_9766

The device comes with all the usual stuff and some extras include a tempered glass screen protector and USB OTG cable.

Cubot H2 Review: SPECS

5.5″ 720p (HD)
Mediatek MTK7635, 64-bit, quad-core (up to 1.3GHz)
8MP Front/13MP Back
Bluetooth, 3G, 4G, GPS, WIFI, GSM,EDGE, GPRS, UMTS, HSPA, HSPA+, dual-SIM.
5.000 mAh (non-removable)
150 x 77 x 9.1 mm / 230g
Android 5.1.1
16GB (expandable via microSD card slot up to 32GB)

Cubot H2 Review: DESIGN and DISPLAY

img_9788 img_9791

The design of the phone is pretty simple but I was really impressed with the build quality. A sturdy metal frame goes all around the device, the buttons have a great tactile feedback and the phone is really well-made.

One of the highlights is a huge 5000mAh battery inside the phone, which results in a total weight of 230g of the device.


Cubot H2 has a 5.5” 720p display, which is pretty good for an HD panel. It is quite sharp, the colours look nice and it is quite bright.

img_9779 img_9780

On the front we have an 8MP shooter and a customisable LED light. However, the capacitive buttons do not have a backlight.



The back is made of textured plastic, which is actually nice to the touch. We have a 13MP camera with a dual LED flash for photos.


The loudspeaker is placed on the back and the sound quality of it is average. It is pretty loud but, as usual to all budget phones, it lacks depth and the sound is tinny.

Overall, I’m really happy with the way this phone is built and a great choice of materials.



When it comes to hardware, Cubot H2 sports a quad-core MTK6735 chip with the clock speed of up to 1.3GHz, 3GB of RAM and 16GB of expandable storage.

3D games like Asphalt 8 run fine on medium graphics but  some stutter kicks in if you set graphics to the highest level.

Cubot H2 Review: BENCHMARKS

Cubot H2 Review: UI

Cubot H2 ships with Android 5.1 but the company added some changes to it.

For example, the app tray has been removed but we have some customisation options, gesture and motion controls and so on.

The most important thing is that the phone is very fast and responsive no matter what you do with it.

We reviewed a bunch of Cubot phones and they were all fast but the H2 has never had a stutter no matter what I did. That is really impressive for a budget device like this.

Cubot H2 Review: CAMERA

The picture quality is pretty good for the phone of this price category but it is not perfect as you may have expected. When there is a lot of light, you can take some nice looking images with a decent amount of detail. However, the camera struggles with dynamic range and some images have more noise than expected.

Naturally, the quality decreases with a lower amount of lighting.


As for selfie camera, it is not bad and it will definitely do the trick for social media needs.

The video quality is mediocre as the footage could look sharper. There is a continuous auto-focus feature but it is very slow to react. See a video review for a video sample or download it from the link below.

Download full resolution camera samples



Call quality and signal reception are good and other connectivity options work fine.

Cubot H2 Review: BATTERY LIFE

A huge battery is one of the highlights of the phone and it performs great. I usually achieved over 6 hours of screen-on time while using the phone quite intensively. I could get over 7 hours of SOT on a light usage.

Cubot H2 Review: CONCLUSIONS


Cubot H2 costs over $130 and we need to answer if it is worth the money.

First, you may want to check this phone out if you need an affordable device with a great battery life, very good build quality, buttery smooth user interface and a pretty good display.


On the other hand, the camera is pretty good but it has some shortcomings. Also, the loudspeaker quality could be better and the capacitive buttons are not backlit.

All in all, Cubot H2 is a decent offering for the price and you may want to check it out if you don’t mind a few shortcomings.

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  • Lars Røssell

    The MicroSD-capacity is 32Gb. But you may actually get a MicroSD with much more storage than 32Gb…

    Mine has 64Gb, which could not be recognized on my Cubot Note S. BUT it is only because of the filesystem. If you chose a FAT partitioning you may go as high as you wish. If you do not have a cardreader to your PC you can do this on a Windows Phone. I used an old Lumia 520. There the MicroSD got formatted. Then Cubot was able to recognize it and asked to format it. And then it worked flawlessly. Now I have a total of 80Gb storage. (These are the official numbers, the actual space usable is smaller)

    I am using the Nova launcher and thus getting rid of the Google Searchbar on every page.

    • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

      Yes that’s a common story. I bet that even a 128gb card will work, just format it to fat32.

  • balcobomber25

    Only 6-7 hours of SOT with a 5000mAh?? I can get that with 3000mAh phones. That doesn’t sound right.

    • Lars Røssell

      Well, it depends on the sceen size and the technology of the CPU among a lot of other things. But if you can get that on a 5.5′ for 130$ with two cams do not hesitate to tell us what phone you are using…

      • balcobomber25

        This phone is using a 6735 which is a very efficient processor, it is also using a 720p display a this should be getting much more than 6 hour on screen time and I don’t know a single phone that doesn’t have two cameras. My Meizu MX5 with a much more powerful Helios X10 and 1080p panel can get 5-6 hours of screen time with a 3050mAh. The Gionee Marathon M5 with nearly this same setup (an extra 1000mAh) can easily reach 9 hours of screen on time. The Blu Energy X Plus with this same setup but with 4000mAh gets 6-7.

        • Lars Røssell

          Well, you are quite right that your phone is better than this.
          It does however cost 3 times as much…
          So I do not quite understand why you are comparing and complaining…

          The Gionee Marathon seems not available in the vestern hemisphere.
          The Blu Energy X Plus is interesting since the pricetag is about the same. But I cannot recommend a phone with only 1Gb ram.

          Many Nokia Lumia phones does not have two cams. At least mine did not…

          • balcobomber25

            Price has little to do with battery time. A phone with an efficient processor, 720p display and a huge battery should be getting exceptional battery life regardless of how much it costs. That this is getting that low means there is some software problems. Lumia is one of the few brands that didn’t have front and rear cameras, I can’t think of a single Android phone released in the last 3 years which hasn’t had both.

          • Lars Røssell

            I owe the Cubot Note S – I presume its the same software… It works quite well.
            I am not quite sure the processor is so efficient, I believe an efficient processor has to have the smallest architecture possible (14nm?) and those are expensive…
            I am also not sure the 720p display is using less juice than a higher resolved display. I always thought higher p displays used more power because the grafikprocessor needed to make a lot more calculations, and the higher p displays also tend to be more bright…

            But in fact I do not know nothing for sure:-)

          • balcobomber25

            Efficiency is based on more than just architecture of the chip. It’s based on the type of cores, number of cores, clock speed, chip features etc. The 6735 was designed to be an efficient processor. It uses Cortex A53 cores which are Arm’s efficiency cores. A higher P display does use more power. 720p uses less power than 1080p or 2k which are found in most phones today.

            The software can be the same but run drastically different on each device due to different hardware.

    • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

      Yup, same story as the Ulefone Power – it gets only 7-8h SOT on average, while Redmi Note 3 can easily achieve 6-7h SOT and it’s only 4000mah.

      • balcobomber25

        That is one of the big reasons I often caution people from just relying on spec sheets especially when it comes to battery.

  • Lennald

    Nice review, Linus. Bad point is the CUBOT H2 carries Android 5.1, it is a rather old OS. The Current news showed that Android N will be released in July or August, also interesting news. I found an great Android OS comparison video between Android N, M and L, you can watch it on youtube.

  • Mani

    i like this phone but when i compare with maya then i decide to buy Bluboo Maya because my budget is not high. this is amazing phone that comes with decent specs and according to Bluboo, brings high-quality Sony IMX sensor camera and price only at $69.99