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Elephone S3 Reservation Event from 12th of April

by shanos 2

Elephone S3 Reservation Event from 12th of April

Elephone S3 Reservation event will start from the 12th of April and run through till the 27th of April

No actual price for the phone has been given yet but Elephone have given a clue to the price by putting $1?9.99 on their post.

What do you think the question mark will be replaced with? I am guessing they will be fairly agrressive as they normally are with their pre-sale pricing.

Personally I would like to see Elephone put the S3 up for pre-sale around the $140-$160 price point, as this would put it in a great position to compete with other mid range handsets.

The S3 comes with a 2.5d Bezel-less 5.2 inches display, with an 83% screen to body ratio making it look very premium.

elephone s3 reservation-2

The phone has an all metal chassis and curved back to help make the body feel even more sturdy and comfortable in the hand.

With the great screen to body ratio and the curvaceous design, this should be a phone that looks as good as it feels in the hand.

elephone s3 reservation-3

As far as specs go the phone features a Mediatek Octa-Core  MT6753 clocked at 1.3Ghz and will come with 3gb of ram and 16gb of rom (expandable with up to 128gb micro SD) and will run Android 6.0 out of the box.

Whilst the specs for the CPU and memory configurations are not exactly cutting edge, the phone should certainly have the looks and style to compete favourably with phones like the Redmi Note 3.

elephone s3 reservation

You can register here for the Elephone S3 Reservation event  hopefully if the price is competitive, this could be one of the best looking mid range handsets of 2016.

Please feel free to leave comments and questions below

Regards Shane

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  • Muhammad Yasir

    shit cpu … couldnt care any less !

  • wolvie

    I don’t get it, there are a lot smartphone with MTK6753 already in the market so it is very saturated in the market and i strongly believe will harder to sell competing with much mature big brands like meizu, xiaomi as normally they already using a better hardware spec with cheap price (maybe just a little bit more expensive than those crappie brands)

    MTK6753 is a good SOC but maybe it doesn’t have enough kick anymore to woo the market to buy it. Or i am the only with the totally wrong thinking here.

    Why those china vendors don’t start thinking out of the box by making their product better, give a real upgrade like better processor (not necessarily very highend like SD 820 but again SD650/SD652 is more than enough), better improved optimized android without all the chinese malware, better camera (real proven one, not marketing gimmick like how many multi zetalions pixels).

    My point is start building a working and good build quality smartphone, improve the quality ,NOT The quantity of releasing new smartphone every 3 months. If build quality is better then price they can increase by then, of course not increase excessively high price like the so called “premium brands” vivo, oppo, huawei. etc

    But this elephone brand (already blacklisted in my book) somehow is famous on the internet for releasing a lot of new products with good spec (on the paper) but ending with smoke or lower spec (aka cheating their customers as not the same as their promised).

    Soon or later this kind of company will go bankrupt as news spreading very fast on internet. I am quite surprise that elephone still exist with this kind of business model.

    They can follow Xiaomi,meizu that somehow manage to release good products with relatively very cheap price. I know their products are not perfect. But hey for $100 – $200 i am sure people will be very happy with their brand new Redmi or Redmi Notes series smartphone.

    Quality wise still cannot compete to samsung highend but samsung selling their highend smartphone at at least triple the price of xiaomi with same specification so for me it is a very good deal already.