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Meizu Pro 6 is easy to open and repair

by Dimitris Economou 2

As always, the guys at it168 doing a great job disassembled the Meizu Pro 6, concluding that it’s not difficult to open and disassemble.

Meizu Pro 6 disassembly

Initial opening requires just the unscrewing of two screws, taking off the SIM port and pulling up the display. With a little care that is, as the display connects to the logicboard with two flex cables that you wouldn’t want to see cut.

Meizu Pro 6 disassembly

The inside of the device includes a lot of thermal films and coatings that ensures overheating and throttle issues never show up, slowing down your phone.

Over the Helio X25 SoC, there is a graphite thermal film and above that, a metal plate that helps spread out the heat. Even the camera sensor has a copper foil coating to protect it from heat and electronic noise that could affect the quality of the photos taken.

Meizu Pro 6 disassembly

The hardest part to remove was the… battery that is attached to the back using double-sided tape (a strong one!), all other parts just pop-up with the help of a spunge.


The most interesting part of the inside, is an NXP TFA9911 chip which drives the loudspeaker and promises an impressive 7.2W of audio power and two TI BQ25892 fast charging chips for a combined power of 24W.

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  • Chikara

    The Meizu Pro 6 is actually not easy to open at all… the front panel is completely sealed tight to the back casing and I haven’t had any luck prying it open using a suction cup and plastic/metal palette knife. Even using a heat gun didn’t help. I wonder if they changed their structure at some point.

  • Vitoz Xda

    after i repaired the lcd display and removed the thermal graphite film from the baterry in an effort to see if i can use a redmi note4 4000mah battery ,i ve been dealing with problems charging the phone..while it seems like it charges in fact it doesn’t…a 72hours charge gave me 2% (tragic)..i think the cause might be the thermal graphite film removal..where can i find a replacement for the film or any ideas why this is happening?
    ps i replaced damaged lcd and camera.everything else works just fine