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Xiaomi To Announce A Bluetooth Speaker Tomorrow

by Suhaib 1

Xiaomi has been following a trend of surprising its fans across the globe by launching new products out of the blue. Continuing the trend, Liu, Vice President of Xiaomi, has revealed on the micro blogging website that Xiaomi will be launching a new product tomorrow and according to him it will be “Good Music To Carry”.

Several images of this new product which is a good looking Bluetooth speaker has made its way to the internet as well. You can take a look at the images below.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker - 1 Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker - 8 Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker - 7 Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker - 6 Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker - 5 Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker - 5 Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker - 2 Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker - 3 Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker - 4

Other information related to this Bluetooth speaker like pricing details and specifications is still unavailable. This Bluetooth speaker is going to be unveiled tomorrow which comes just before the launch of Xiaomi Max which will be unveiled on May 10. This Bluetooth speaker comes as a nice surprise from Xiaomi at this point of time.

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