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Xiaomi Mi Bunny Kids Smartwatch in Pictures

by Dimitris Economou 0

We were expecting to see what Xiaomi had under its sleeve for the smartwatch market, as the smartbands it has released are a big hit (MiBand and MiBand S) but this we did not expect.

The other day, Xiaomi entered the smartwatch market in an awkward way by announcing its first smartwatch. The only problem is it is not for adults, but for children! The Xiaomi MiBunny as is its commercial name.

The device offers call support, GPS location for parents to locate their children and an SOS button that, when pressed, sends a notification to the parent’s smartphone with the exact location of the child. In case of an emergency that is.

The watch is 5x189mm and weighs 37g. The strap is made of food grade silicon to avoid any allergies. The battery has a 300mAh capacity and comes with a preinstalled prepay SIM card so there is no need for an extra one. The charge is 0.1 yuan/minute and the parents have the ability to block any fraudulent numbers a kid might call.

The device comes in two colours, Pink and Navy Blue and below you can take a glance at the blue one.



MiBunny MiBunny MiBunny MiBunny MiBunny




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