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Check Out These Amazing Photos Captured By Huawei P9’s Dual Cameras

by Joe 5

Huawei made a big deal out of the dual camera setup present on the back of its Huawei P9 flagship, mainly because it was the first Leica certified smartphone camera in the market. Given its Leica certification, we all have very high hopes from the camera of the device. But it takes a real photographer to bring out the best in a smartphone camera, which is why Huawei recently shared a number of pictures taken by three professional photographers in China using Huawei P9’s dual cameras. The resulting set of images have turned out to be quite powerful and you can check them all from down below.

In the dual camera setup of the P9, one camera is capable of capturing RGB (red green blue) information while the other camera captures black and white information. The two information are brought together to create a detailed picture of the object in question. This should deliver better results especially in low light conditions. You can read more about the dual camera setup of the P9 from here.

(Image source:

p9 camera sample 02 p9 camera sample 03 p9 camera sample 04 p9 camera sample 05 p9 camera sample 06 p9 camera sample 07 p9 camera sample 08 p9 camera sample 09 p9 camera sample 10 p9 camera sample 11 p9 camera sample 12 p9 camera sample 13 p9 camera sample 14 p9 camera sample 15 p9 camera sample 16 p9 camera sample 17


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  • AshrafChopan

    Just one word…

  • Zami


  • Qidamin

    On the 7th one we can see that the blur effect is really artificial and is not really well applied.

    • CoinPhone

      Absolutely. The effect was badly done. That’s to say, all photos have been photoshop-ed.

  • illystor

    As ever, though, the landscapes or larger scenes are pretty much free of people. I don’t doubt that the P9 has very capable cameras, to the point I’m very tempted to get one. That said, can’t help feel like there’s a conscious attempt to avoid that particular variety of photo, perhaps because there’s a reliance on tripods or longer exposures or other factors which make these more a representation of the potential in the hands of someone with a bit of experience, rather than what your average Joe can expect to do with it.