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Now You Can Purchase LeEco Smartphones Internationally From

by Joe 11

After its entry into the smartphone market last year, LeEco has left no stone unturned to market and promote its smartphones. In fact, the company has quickly built a huge fan following in China and this year in India as well. Its products offer tremendous value for money, which is why we have seen a lot of LeEco phones being sold internationally. While there are a few websites like OPPOStyle who ship OPPO smartphones worldwide, now, a new e-tailer has come up online, called Letvmart to sell LeEco smartphones internationally. Given that LeEco operates officially only in China and India, such retailers come in handy if you want your phone to be shipped worldwide, especially in Europe.


We had a talk with the guys over at Letvmart and they seem to have an understanding with the company to sell LeEco smartphones online. The reseller reveals that they want to make Letvmart the one-stop destination for international LeEco customers. Since LeEco operates officially in India and China, this particular retailer won’t be selling phones in these two regions. Instead, the main focus is to cater to the market in Europe and other regions.

This seems like a legit unofficial retailer for LeEco phones and if you are interested, do check out their website from here. For now, it looks like the pricing is in line with other online resellers for Chinese smartphones.



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  • Marcus

    Whats the difference Joel between this store and some store at Aliexpress? Accept that it is 35$ cheaper (Le max 2) in Alistore and there you can also get it with Google play/services as well…

    • I think there are some differences: shipping option, payment option, warranty time and customer service.

    • songa

      And here also pgone came with Google play/services, plus fast delivery…

  • jimberkas

    yay, one more middle man to take a slice of the pie! if they genuinely deal with warranty and customer service issues, than I’m cool with it. but that remains very much to be seen.
    I’ll wait til I can buy it on lemall dot com

  • MaxPower

    Just another reseller, I don’t see where’s the news here

  • Niculas

    The site looks nice, and le 2 price is best.

  • George

    Im sure their legit. Nothing to worry about. Strange tho
    No address anywhere in their site except a google map
    Its fine. Their site looks nice

  • Karly Johnston

    They don’t even have good prices.

  • Kaizer

    Will they ship to the USA reliably?
    The site looks legit enough but you never know with these resellers, the only one that I’ve used is GearBest simply because they have 2 US warehouses.

  • Marcus

    I go with the PayPal. Then I can get refund if there is any problems.

  • Tommi

    Doesn’t work anymore.