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Meizu MX6 Rumored To Come In Two Variants, Should Feature 20.7MP Camera

by Dimitris Economou 14

What seems to becoming a standard in the mobile industry, is the fact that most flagships come to the market in two versions, usually one with 2GB/16GB RAM Storage combination and one with 3GB/32GB. As specs get better and better, this combination can be 3GB for the “small” version and 4GB for the “large”.


This seems to be the situation with the upcoming Meizu MX6 as new info that appeared on Weibo claim that it will have two versions, a 3GB/32GB and a 4GB/64GB. Once more, the info confirms the 20.7MP rear camera and 8MP front camera, along with a Mediatek Helio X20 SoC.

Previous rumors claim that the device will have a 1080p display along with a 4,000mAh battery and Android 6 underneath the Flyme OS. Mind you that recently the company released the Meizu Pro 6 and it is rumoured that a version with double curved display is coming as well.

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  • MaxPower

    And so Meizu became another Elephone.

    • Muhammad Yasir


    • balcobomber25

      The difference is Meizu releases quality phones that work six months later. The two don’t even belong in the same sentence.

      • MaxPower

        I was referring at the dumb idea to make an overpriced Pro 6 with the exclusive Helio X25 (to then find out they had no exclusivity on it) and now making the same phone with the same SoC (slightly underclocked) and call it MX6.

        I wasn’t comparing their phones with Elephones, I was comparing their dumb choices

        • balcobomber25

          According to various sources Meizu sold 3 millions Pro 6’s in first day sales. The exclusivity could have been just being the first to actually launch with that chip, we really don’t know what it was as Mediatek never said much about it.

          As for the MX6 these are all unconfirmed rumors based on Weibo of all things. Weibo rumors said the Pro 6 was coming with an Exnyos and a 2K display among other things. There was even one Weibo “leak” that claimed it was using a SD820. Weibo is about as reliable as RealJJJ’s benchmarks.

  • Plus

    MX6 battery > Pro 6 battery

    What the….!?

    • Tremaine Underwood

      Not only that, but probably a bigger screen. The only plus for the Pro is the ‘marginally’ better X25. I know which one I will aim for 🙂 I am still keen to see a review of the Pro though, I am sure it is an awesome phone.

      • balcobomber25

        Android Headlines did a review and it seems like it is a damn good phone. If it had US LTE it would be my next phone.

        • Tremaine Underwood

          Thanks for mentioning that review. I have been waiting for one. So it seems it is a really good phone(I had a feeling). I am fast becoming a Meizu fanboy :-). Now to wait for the Mx6, its between those two and maybe the Pro5 for me.Potentially also some Exynos variant. By the end of the year I should have made a decision :-).

          • balcobomber25

            If I still lived in Thailand for the majority of the year I would have the Pro 6 already as the LTE works there. Living in the US now my selection is limited so sadly I am ending my Meizu love fest lol.

          • Tremaine Underwood

            Thats sucks a bit, good news is, Elephone is making a P9000 US variant…

            Just kidding :-), might make a good sinker though. I see GSM Arena have reviewed the Pro 6 as well now. Does the Exynos chip not support US bands? There is still talk of a Meizu powered by one later in the year.

          • balcobomber25

            The rumors of a Meizu powered one have existed for awhile and it could happen given Meizu’s long history of working with Samsung, I just personally don’t see it happening.

  • LiczySieDystans

    Launching MX6 now, after Pro 6 is simply pointless. It’s easier to understand quantum mechanics than Meizu strategy for smartphone market.

  • eben

    balcobomber25 and MaxPower Shall I wait for helio x30 or just buy x20 phone? I have time. I can wait until first q of 2017. will be a big diffirence between x20 and x30. By the way, i use a handset min 2 years and i have to make imei repair, so i need mtk soc.