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Oneplus to ditch the invitation system for the OnePlus 3?

by Dimitris Economou 3

Oneplus had made a spectacular entry back in 2014 when it announced the Oneplus One. Although being a subsidiary of Oppo, a well-established manufacturer, Oneplus adopted an invitation system to manage to meet demand for its first model. After several months, this limitation was lifted as demand came down and production increased.

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The same strategy was adopted for the other two models, the Oneplus 2 and Oneplus X, causing dissatisfaction among many customers who wanted to get their hands on one of them as soon as possible. So, about 4 months back, Carl Pei, the CEO of the company had mentioned that buyers would be treated to a “better buying process” with the OnePlus 3, but not clearly stating if this was the end of the invitations.

Carl Pei Oneplus

Yesterday, he posted an update on Twitter asking: “Who’s looking forward to invites making a comeback?” what seems to be a rhetorical question as no one wants it. Chances are that he was just being sarcastic about it and invitations will soon be a thing of the past. Apart from that, he also commented on the build quality of the upcoming Oneplus 3, stating that “This feels much better in the hand than the OnePlus One!”. Hopefully, the new flagship will deliver superior to Oneplus 2 design and build quality and judging by the leaks, it will.

In conclusion, Oneplus is good at delivering well specced devices at the right price. Let’s hope that the company puts more weight on the software side also and provides us with a perfectly balanced device.



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  • balcobomber25

    If they ever want me as a customer they need to ditch the invite system. I refuse to jump through hoops and play games to buy a phone. Too many other alternatives to put up with that.

    • Wolvie

      Yupe, it is really crazy to keep waiting for invitation for months without any guarantee can get one.

      3 years ago probably OnePlus1 is the best bang for smartphone. Sophisticated and yet cheap.

      But now it is a totally different story as many competitors already do the same things, especially Xiaomi, meizu.

      Btw even OnePlus2 was sucks big time. Snapdragon 810 was an utter failure. Next time learn to listen to customer complains before releasing a product.

      • balcobomber25

        Even 3 years ago it was good but not jump through hoops good. I waited about a month for one before giving up and getting a Xiaomi Mi4 for the same price which was just as good if not better.