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UMi Super To Come In A Metal Box With Its Logo Engraved Up front

by Dimitris Economou 3

The other day we told you about some of the top features that UMi Super will carry when it arrives to the market, such as both virtual and physical navigation buttons for the user to decide, a Smart Key that the user can assign a preferred app to launch when pressed or mute sounds when long-pressed.

umi super box 01

Other than that, the device has Helio P10 SoC, 4GB RAM, 4,000mAh fast charging battery and a lot more, all from big providers like Samsung, Panasonic, Sony etc.

Today, we can have a look at the UMi Super’s package which was picked after three draft designs in 25 days, adding to the detailed work the company has done with the device. So, the package is special, a delicate black metal square box and not paper, with the logo being engraved on top in golden color.

umi super box 03

umi super box 02

The phone is on presale for $179.99 if you grab a coupon from here or here otherwise its retail price is $249.99.

super box 03

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  • Andreas Stennert

    Slow news day? I’d honestly prefer to save a dollar or two and get the phone in a cardboard box. Shipping to Europe or the US can get pretty rough and the metal box will get pretty banged up. Unless the box is safely transported in a… Cardboard box!

    But seriously though, the box this phone comes in is a story? If it transformed into a VR headset then yeah. But just being metal doesn’t add much in my mind. Anyone else got a different opinion?

    • jimberkas

      nope. same opinion. don’t care about the box

  • Atere Jr

    I don’t get how the box affects the phone in any way…