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ZUK Z2 Details Leaked Before Launch, A True Xiaomi Mi 5 Competitor

by Joe 6

UPDATE: ZUK Z2 Announced! Cheaper Than Expected!

This afternoon, ZUK will officially take the wraps off its second smartphone in the past couple of months, called simply as the ZUK Z2. But before the release, a few posters of the smartphone have been leaked revealing most of the details of the device, including the specs and the design.

zuk z2

Looks wise, like we reported earlier, there will only be a few handful of changes between the ZUK Z2 model and the Z2 Pro that was announced last month. The camera will lie on the top left corner, instead of the center and there will be a few camera-centric features missing from this particular model. The Z2 will also be smaller, featuring a 5-inch display instead of 5.2-inch as found on the Z2 Pro. Also, it seems that the phone will initially come in two colors, black and white.

zuk z2 sd820

As for the specs, the ZUK Z2 will continue using Snapdragon 820 quad-core chipset as its elder sibling. Which means this model will be quite powerful as well. To support this powerful processor, the phone will come with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage.m The 5-inch display up front features 1080p resolution. At the back, you get a 13MP Samsung ISOCELL sensor with PDAF and Contrast Autofocus. The battery is quite decent as well, and with a capacity of 3500mAh, it’s larger than most other 5-inch flagships in the market right now.

As for the fingerprint sensor, the ZUK Z2 will come with UTouch 2.0, which is probably the same sensor as the Z2 Pro. This should mean that that the sensor will work even with wet hands. The new model is said to come with six special sensors. It should also support full netcom 3.0 standard. Pricing is expected to be around 1999 Yuan ($308), which, if true, will give tough competition to the Xiaomi Mi 5 flagship which starts at the same price tag.

Since the event is almost underway, we will get more details about the new ZUK Z2 phone in a couple of hours. So, stay tuned!

zuk z2 poster 02 zuk z2 poster 03 zuk z2 poster 04 zuk z2 poster 05 zuk z2 poster 06

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  • VMortens

    Yet again – no mention of OIS. Really? Phone of this class and they scrooged so badly? A wannabe top-5-incher just lost it’s chance to rule the 5in niche. I start to suspect the camera experience may actually be not great at all, as for the price.

    • balcobomber25

      OIS is useful for videos but it doesn’t determine whether a phone will have a good or bad overall camera experience.

      • VMortens

        Well, it says to me that they decided that strong SoC is more important than good camera. OIS helps in good photo shooting too. If you compare the cameras here and in PRO model there’s actually more differences, that make me sure, the overall camera experience will not be in par with other phones from this shelf.
        Serious mistake, cause most customers are not geeks like us and don’t giva a damn about the Antutu score, but would probably care more for a really good camera.

        • balcobomber25

          Since when do specs determine if a camera is good or not? I can point you to plenty of cameras from companies like Ulefone, UMi and Elephone that on paper sound amazing but are less than average in actual usage. I can also think of quite a few phones with no OIS that take great photos. Until it is tested we have little clue if its good or bad.

          Of course the Pro model is going to have a better camera, otherwise there is no reason to have two separate models if everything is same.

          • VMortens

            I know, I might sound over-pesimistic, but in this case it seems more like realistic. I can clearly see, this is the area the saved (scrooged) money in – in no way it is a good sign.
            Previous ZUK phones were not great in this department, neither on paper, nor in reality, therefore one with specs-lacking camera simply cannot be good. Judging by experience I can tell already that the overall experience is usually better with a beffed up cam. Easier focusing, faster shots, less amount of blurred images, better low-light perf (and aperture size difference is huge between the two here).
            These ‘on paper sound amazing’ phones you listed don’t actually offer anything special on paper when I look at it, and I would never place them in one line with what ZUK offers.
            Be honest with yourself – do you really still count it will perform great besides the specs presented? I would rather count on the PRO version. Pitty, because I really wanted to be tempted by a uncompromising 5 incher. I would definately give it a go – I can tell already it’s a no-no for me.

          • balcobomber25

            Keep in mind this isn’t expected to be their flagship device, so it won’t have flagship specs. ISOCELL Sensor, PDAF, EIS, 4k Video. Those are good specs for a phone that retails under $300. And there was only one previous Zuk phone.