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Vernee Apollo Lite for preorder at TomTop!

by Dimitris Economou 980 views1

Preorders for the Vernee Apollo Lite are starting tomorrow and the first retailer to introduce the device is TomTop!

The device will be up for preorder from June 1 to June 30 for $229.99. But TomTop has an extra offer. Everyday from June 1 to June 15 there will be a $30 dollars discount for a limited quantity of 10 pieces each day, bringing the price down to $199.99! The discount will be valid for 10 pieces each day at exactly 10:00 UTC time.

Vernee Apollo Lite preorder

You can head over to the preorder page and buy the device for $229.99 or $199.99 if you are fast enough to order it on time!

You can have a taste of the Vernee Apollo Lite in the following official promo videos.

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  • jimberkas

    damn, i was pretty excited for this release. now I’m thinking I should probably wait for reviews. plus, i’ve heard some mixed reviews on TomTop