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Possible Xiaomi Redmi 3A/3S display resolution upgrade

by Dimitris Economou 8

Three new Xiaomi models appeared today on the TENAA website. A few days ago a model with code number 216030 had appeared and now three new variations of the same device have come up with code numbers 2016033, 2016035 and 216036 hinting that they belong to the same Redmi Series.
redmi 3A
All three devices carry the same specs such as 5″ display, octa-core 1.4GHz processor (likely SD435), 2GB RAM + 16GB internal storage, microSD card slot, 13MP rear + 5MP front camera combination, 4000mAh battery, dual SIM card and Android 6.0.1 OS pre-installed. Their main difference is the resolution of the display as the 2016035 model has a 1080p 5″ display whereas the oher two have the good old 720p display as the current model has.

Redmi 3A / 3S

According to info, the new devices could be the Redmi 3A and Redmi 3S with the “3S” probably having the 1080p display onboard. We will find out soon enough it seems.
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  • Muhammad Yasir

    if 3s is CHEAP , I WILL TAKE IT !

    • Franck

      I would have preferred a SD625 with 3GB RAM, 1080p display and 4000mah battery. I think that I will get the Redmi 3 Pro, what do you suggest?

      • Muhammad Yasir

        while you are spot on with the suggested specs , im thinking about going for broke…

        Redmi 3 pro is excellent in its league and if you’re not looking for a flagship , you should definitely go for it !

        • Franck

          Well I don’t know what to do, that Redmi 3S with SD435 is bringing a lot. I mean I do not care about the additional 1gb ram and 16gb storage in the Redmi 3 Pro. The SD435 seems to have a better gpu for gaming and offers quick charge. I have seen some users with bad battery life with their Redmi 3 Pro so I am wondering if the SD616 is a good CPU?!

          Redmi Note 3 Pro is a lot better in terms of performance but might be a bit bigger for me.

          Moreover, I don’t want to buy oldies like you. I mean phones from last year.

          It is a shame that the Zuk Z2 which has been announced a few days ago do not have a SD652 CPU. Zuk Z2 with SD652 and 3gb ram 32gb rom sold at $250 (after resellers) for international buyers would have been amazing.

          It is not easy to find the right phone in the market!

          • Muhammad Yasir

            ofcourse its never easy to find something EXACTLY to your liking , corners have to be cut somewhere and you have to make peace with that.

            hahah … its true , i HATE buying anything from the previous years … if you have money and you have chinese phone makers offering CRAZY VALUE FOR MONEY .. then WHY on earth should one go for old phones. but how did u figure out about me not liking oldies (did u read my previous posts 😀 ) ?

            Note 3 pro was and prolly is AMAZING atm. its more or less a complete package , but from what i hear , the camera is a massive let down esp in low-light. have you tried some reviews for the Vernee Thor ? i hear they have a Kodak cam sensor (the company that made the sensor is owned by kodak or something like that) and they have an open kernel and rom updates are also there.

            if you can wait , the Zuk z2 MAY experience drops in price , as we’re seeing ALOT of phones in its category this year.

            tell you what , wait a week or two if you can and try researching a bit on the SD 435 and other CPUs which meet your needs ! lemme know if you can reach a conclusion then , im ever-present in these disqus forums 🙂

          • Franck

            Yeah I do read your comments a lot on Gizchina and Gizmochina. I like your funny messages…

            Well I do have the money to buy a flagship phone but I don’t think that a phone at 500$ is going to change my life. I am not a gamer or a power user. I mean I know some people who have flagships and most of the apps they use are social networks ones like facebook, twitter and so on. I don’t see the point to have a phone with a cpu clocked at 2.5ghz with 10 cores LOL…at the end if you look at videos on youtube the difference between a flagship and a mid range phone is that the last one is opening an app with a delay of microseconds compared to the flagship. WOOOOOOOOW what an improvement in 2016!

            Yeah the Redmi Note 3 Pro offers a lot for the money but its camera is really bad. That’s why I removed it from my purchase list.

            Regarding Xiaomi, I don’t understand their strategy they have 100s versions of the Redmi 3 coming to the market. Wondering if what they smoke daily, they should release Redmi 4 with SD625 3/16gb 1080p screen good camera and 4000 mah. It will be a stellar phone worldwide. But we will never see a device like that unfortunately. They prefer to sell the MI4S with an old SOC at 300$.

    • Beloved Chairman Lei Jun

      My dear, it is time that you buy a xiaomi phone.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        my dear it is time that you establish official presence of your ‘Beloved’ Franchise in Pakistan