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Elephone overseas aftersales support sites are live

by Dimitris Economou 2

One of the biggest drawbacks when buying a device from a Chinese manufacturer overseas is the lack of aftersales support and service. And that is because you only rely on the online retailer and you have to send your device back to China “losing” it for more than a month back and forth. So Elephone decided to come to the rescue.

Elephone aftersales

Being one of the rising companies of the Chinese mobile industry, Elephone decided to upgrade its services and support for its abroad clients by creating service centers all over Europe. Right now, there are already four centers that customers can contact in case something goes wrong with their device and they are the following:

1. Spain:
Tel: 620574576
2. Germany
Tel: 015208700379
3. Russia
Tel: 8(495)9660317

4. UK


So, if any of you have any problems with your device and live in Europe, go ahead and contact them now.

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  • greg

    The next step should be some centers in the US

  • Wolvie

    And you still believe elephoney will provide support ?