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Vernee Thor 2nd OTA Update is out!

by Dimitris Economou 7

Once Vernee released the Thor, it made clear that it aims in great customer support and this is not very common among manufacturers that produce budget devices. It also has enforced the plan of opening kernel code to embrace more third-party ROMs and offers its users more options.  The company seems to hold on to its promise as a few days ago it rolled out the 2nd OTA Update just a few months after the official release of the device.

 Vernee Thor OTA update

The optimization and fixes of this update are as follows: 

1.Addressed the problem that OTA update can’t be completed when SD card is inserted (In the last version, SD card had to be removed before update)

2.Addressed the problem of the camera app crashing when taking continuous photos with front camera

3.Reduced the start-up time

4.Optimized the touch response and ring tone for notifications

5.Fixed the problem which didn’t allow the user to mute the calendar

6.Improved the fingerprint recognition rate and enhanced the recognition speed

7.Improved the proximity sensor performance, allowing Thor to wake up or turn off the screen normally when calling with flip case

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  • Muhammad Yasir


    • Ionut Johnny

      Camera is good, look on Facebook page, Gizchina core, One guy made photos with the Thor and they are beautiful.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        Steve , right 😀 ?
        yeah i have been seeing his pics…

        • Ionut Johnny

          I think camera is super, on my redmi note 3 pro is awesome as well but I have the bad habit of changing them so i will wait 1 or months to see the new phones and if nothing wow’s me I think I’ll go for a leco max 2, price/performance I think it’s the best phone released on 320 $ on resellers.

          • xploratorul

            Well, as long as mummy provides the cash…

          • Ionut Johnny

            Sorry but no mummy for you :))) I am on my own.
            I’m working my ass off for every money I earn, It’s my own cash that I spend.

  • bro-reac

    Good stuff Vernee through the little Thor.
    Keep doing this and you will teach the old boys new tricks even Huawei.