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The UMi Super withstands violent test and survives

by Dimitris Economou 5

Watch out, this is going to hurt! Most of us have suffered the accidental fall of our beloved smartphone that left us with a shattered display or -at best- a badly scuffed bezel. Well, UMi seems to have solved these kind of problems if we judge from the video uploaded to its official Youtube account as it put the UMi Super through some “ugly” tests.

umi super

The video demonstrates the device at first being left to fall from three heights: 70cm, 120cm and 200cm. It seems to survive all three falls without the display being broken and fully functional. The next test, is all about high-heels. A woman, steps on the device with her dagger-heels shoes and even giving it a good hit. The display remained intact and fully working!

umi super


The last, and most brutal test was the car test. Yeah, they drove a car over the poor phone and it didn’t complain. It still remained fully functional and the display still didn’t break! Of course, stress-tests are also performed during the quality check inside the production line as we had shown you before. Are you curious to see for yourself? You can watch the video below. Don’t forget that you can still subscribe here to get the $70 discount voucher for the device or maybe win one for free!

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  • Krzysztofsf

    I am waiting for independent testing

  • Cherr

    Every manufacturer is trying to leave their mark in the smartphone world,.. I believe the beauty of the craftsmanship put into making the Umi Super is one of the most beautiful pieces of technology you can hold in your hands, congratulations on making such a beautiful designed phone… Your mark is now recognisable across the globe..

  • Fred

    This brand is so familiar to me and I heard a lot of good things about this.. Hope I can own an Umi phone someday..

  • Helen

    I’d buy this in a heartbeat if they made it work with LTE bands here in the U.S. Obviously there is a market for this phone here, maybe in the future they’ll add US bands.

  • Virgo

    the phone is pretty nice and you get some good hardware for the money