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Xiaomi Founder Lei Jun Explains Why Xiaomi Doesn’t Have a Waterproof Phone

by Habeeb Onawole 3

We come in contact with water everyday and since our phones are with us most times, you’d expect most phones to be waterproof. But that isn’t the case, very few phones are waterproof and even some manufacturers who previously manufactured waterproof phones have stopped or just reduced the protection to accidental spills and splashes. An example is Sony.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3Xiaomi Redmi 3img_5767

Lei jun, the founder of Xiaomi explains why his company doesn’t manufacture waterproof phones even though customers have requested for it. Mr. Jun states that when a waterproof phone gets damaged even if it is a minor one, the waterproof protection deteriorates.

Another reason is the high cost of waterproof devices; Xiaomi is known for offering high-end phones for almost half the price of other flagships. So adding waterproof protection is sure going to drive the price up. However, he says if customers are willing to pay 20% to 30% of the additional cost required for the protection,the company might consider building a waterproof phone.

So if the lack of waterproof protection is a deal breaker for you when it comes to buying a phone, you know you need to steer clear of Xiaomi phones. You should probably consider the Samsung S7, S7 Edge, or S7 Active.

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  • Tipko

    Yeah right, 20-30% PLUS?! Forget display, forget the SoC, forget the RAM etc. Putting some rubbers and some sealings in a phone will, OF COURSE, push the price up to 30%. Who believes this sorts of statements?! That is an excuse for Xiaomi to be able to refuse a faulty phone by just saying that it has been damaged with water for example. They could at least make some amendments to the hardware but leave it out of their guarantee for example.

    • justjc

      Considering that every solution that keeps water out also will keep heat in, I doubt it is as simple as sealing the phone.
      If a high end cooling solution is needed, to get rid of the excess heat, it is easy to see where the money goes, without any gain for most of Xiaomis costumers.

  • ubu

    bullshit! Come on!
    There are also small companies like Blackview and a big one like xiaomi is not capable to make an ip68 mil-810 smartphone!
    Just copy the Kyocera Duraforce 🙂