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UMi Push 2nd OTA To the Super, RAM Management Becomes Better Than OnePlus 3

by Suhaib 12

Umi is continuously supporting its previously launched smartphone Umi Super, and it released an OTA update last week. Now, the brand has pushed the second OTA update to the device making it even better. This OTA update comes with many new features, with the highlight being better RAM management which the brand claims is better than recently launched OnePlus flagship device OnePlus 3.

This OTA update comes with many bug fixes and performance improvements. We have discussed it in detail below:

1. Better RAM Management 

The new update comes with a new feature in the form of “Background Task Clear” which Umi claims is better than the RAM management on OnePlus 3. Background Task Clear has been added into the settings and what it necessarily does is that it closes all the apps in one go thus freeing up RAM. You can also set up a whitelist which includes the apps you want to keep running.

2. Fingerprint Sensor Accuracy Fixed

The new update increases the accuracy of the fingerprint sensor by 20% with 360-degree unlock working perfectly.

3. Camera Optimization

The camera on Umi Super has improved with the new update as the noise is reduced by 25% and the speed of autofocus has increased so that you can get a faster lock.

4. Touchscreen Optimization

This update brings several touchscreen optimizations as the responsiveness of display has improved enabling you to type and touch smoothly and faster.

5 . Battery Life Optimization

Umi claims that with the new update, the battery life on Umi Super has increased, and the 4000mAh battery can now offer up to 10 hours of operating times.

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6. Virtual Button Setting 

To enhance the user experience, the new update moved the setting to quick setting. Now you can switch between virtual and reality buttons easily.

7. WiFi Optimization

The new update has brought WiFi optimizations as well. Your phone can get connected to available networks much faster.

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  • Adam Irvine

    What a cheap shot at OnePlus… “Umi claims is better than the RAM management on OnePlus 3”

    As if this phone is anywhere near as good as the OnePlus 3!

    • Steven Fox

      It`s what those small companies live on.
      Making faulty comparisons with anything that’s a 50/50 situation with a well known brand.
      They hope that people will say “why should I pay 400$ for OP3, when I can get the same phone for 250$ ?”

      • Niki

        That’s right. I agree with you completely.

      • quodvadis

        That is actually true for a lot of people and use cases out there.

      • jimberkas

        yep. Oneplus has done this is the past as well. guess its a good thing for Oneplus that they are now on the other side of these cheap shots

  • William

    i dont have UMi super phone till now.. i listned chinise phones Like UMi is the best. may i have one

  • Doris

    Every manufacturer is trying to leave their mark in the smartphone world,.. I believe the beauty of the craftsmanship put into making the Umi Super is one of the most beautiful pieces of technology you can hold in your hands, congratulations on making such a beautiful designed phone… Your mark is now recognisable across the globe..

  • Fred

    I received my Umi Super last week and I am happy that it supports all major European LTE bands. I have been with google Nexus devices since Samsung Galaxy Nexus but I have to be honest the Umi Super surprised me a lot. Its really fast and I got 46k in Antutu which is all what I need. I guess Mediatek have improved their chips a lot.

  • jimberkas

    seems like the UMI emplees are back in the comment section.

  • Tommi

    2016 phones are too weak, better wait till 2017.

  • Amanda

    I’d buy this in a heartbeat if they made it work with LTE bands here in the U.S. Obviously there is a market for this phone here, maybe in the future they’ll add US bands.

  • Elliot

    This brand is so familiar to me and I heard a lot of good things about this.. Hope I can own an Umi phone someday..