Xiaomi Unveils Foldable Smart Electric Bicycle For $455

by Dimitris Economou 2

Xiaomi announced today a new smart device, a little different than what we were used to — an electric bicycle. The bicycle is foldable and when folded, it has the half the body volume of the original size. In addition to the small body volume, it is equipped with a powerful motor, making driving uphills easy.

Xiaomi Electric Bicycle

Xiaomi Bicycle Xiaomi Bicycle Xiaomi Bicycle

The Xiaomi bicycle also comes in many rich colors. The folding process is very simple and user-friendly as it fits into the trunk of your car easily. Although electric, the hidden battery design makes the overall look beautiful.

Xiaomi Bicycle Xiaomi Bicycle

Xiaomi Bicycle

The vehicle is equipped with variable speed technology to ensure strong yet smooth power output. Every time you ride the bicycle, Xiaomi’s smart system will calculate how much effort you spend, determining the right amount of power it needs to give, in order to assist you using its electric motor in a smooth, natural way.

Xiaomi Bicycle Xiaomi Bicycle Xiaomi Bicycle

It comes with a 250W/36V high-speed motor with strong climbing capabilities, so you don’t have to worry about cycling up a slope. It comes with an 18,650mAh battery from Panasonic that gives you a 45Km battery life (on Economy mode at 20Km/h speed). That means you can ride all the way through the Beijing Ring Road without worrying that you will run out of energy.

Xiaomi Bicycle Xiaomi Bicycle Xiaomi Bicycle

In addition, Xiaomi Electric Bicycle is also equipped with a trip computer that lets you know your speed, remaining power and mileage in real time. It comes with a Shimano 3-shift system to adjust your ride for maximum comfort. The vehicle has also won the European vehicle dynamics and system certification for safety and reliability.

Xiaomi Bicycle Xiaomi Bicycle

The Xiaomi Electric Bicycle cost 2,999 Yuan ($455) and it will begin its crowdfunding activity on June 23, at 4.00 PM.

Does the new Xiaomi product meet your tastes? Would you be interested in buying one?