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Dual Curved Elephone S7 Series coming soon from $99.99 to $189.99

by Dimitris Economou 12

A lot of activity has been happening lately in Elephone as the company seems very active on all fields. Both software and hardware. After the bezel-less Elephone S3 with its gorgeous display, the Chinese manufacturer is ready to release another device, or should we say devices. The Elephone S7 Series. Well, the name says where it gets its inspiration.

Elephone S7 Series

The new device(s) is also bezel-less but Elephone has played out new tricks as it is launching a double-sided curved glass product and while achieving bezel-less effect, S7 has bigger screen curve to bring more amazing visual pleasure. The series will be priced from $99.99 to $189.99, with the most expensive one being equipped with the Helio X25 SoC. The rest of the hardware is still unknown but what is certain, it is a beautiful device with glass on both front and back and a metal frame. The company is challenging its competitors and this can mean only one thing: Better and better devices for all the consumers at great prices.

If you are interested in bezel-less phones, check out the Elephone S3.

Elephone S7 Series Elephone S7 Series Elephone S7 Series


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  • Adam Nazifi

    Some jaws dropping

  • Weng Zero

    Makes S7 edge owner doesnt feel special anymore..including me..huh

    • Weng Zero

      When vivo come out with edge screen, still ok as for the high price and the brand reputation..but when elephone does the same…my s7 will looks cheap though.

  • Hakim Farouk

    haha. Elephone.

  • Saith

    According to the rendering it’s a beautiful one, maybe it’s a 2.5D and not a true curved phone, but when you hear Elephone, you will hear something else with it…

    • PhoneFix

      Thnx god.. I don’t like samsungs edge screen.. U can’t take the phone in hands without activating something mistakenly..

  • Muhammad Yasir

    facepalm ..

  • Adam Irvine

    Usual Elephone deceiving sh1t…

    They obviously pay their Photoshop department well but not their others…

  • PhoneFix

    I don’t know why such hate here?!?!
    Such nice phone.. Like s6 or s7 edge just for 100 bucks.. And NOT stupid 700 bucks..
    And the result is just the same.. No diferences at all…
    Semms to humans in the world are STILL naively stupid going for what brand they see on the product.. not realising that the logo or label is and been just gimmick..
    When ppl open eyes that all parts and everything is made in china factories? Because other countries are so smug and egoist

    • Ray Bel

      Working for Elephone or living on another planet?

      Because this is a hidden remark to promote Elephone and critisize people to be noobs about chinese phones.

      Go spam on another place will you?

      This forum is for china phones and readers like to read about ….euh china phones.

      And what you get is critical readers who know a bit about different brands…chinese brands.

      And more or less most readers have experience in china phones..even importing them.

      So stick it or stuff it when people give their honest opinion about china phones.

      Because the only conclusion is that you try to plug Elephone.

      And their reputation is written in blood. They have proven to promote like vapourware.

      Either to realize what they promise or their ‘vapourware’ image will be strengthened.

      …just my 2 cents

      • PhoneFix

        Man what the fk hapened to you?
        Who is working for elephone? You?
        Or other planet? WTF ar you talkin bout man? Aren’t you got some issues?
        “hidden remark to promote elephone”
        What the hell doest that even mean?
        I never owned elephone only one my former work mate had elephone p5000 which was horrible..
        Spam? You are sir retarded human being sorry to tell ya!
        “This forum is for china phones” wooow man REALLY???? WOOW you must be geniius! Don’t say! Everybody thought this forum is for martian snartphones… Really chinese? You are awesome jesus christ! Do you want nobel price? Go ask you might be eligible for it.. :DDDDF (ROFL)
        Just as I thought only one experience I had was with with an old P5000 and it was not nice phone..
        And I just only tried to cheer up little for this upcoming one thinking it might be crap again..,but still this could be promised one..
        So I have no idea wth was your “bursting pathetic naive comment about but you COMPLETELY GOT MISTAKEN and now you look like some most idiotish ashole in this comments section
        Astalavista weirdo..

  • Steven Fox

    Another day, another vaporware Elephone model 🙂
    What they do is they come up with a design and put it online, and if it gets enough traction it`s put on pre-sale.
    Once they get enough money on pre-sale then they actually start buidling the phone 😀