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2017 iPhone Will Be The Beginning of A New Generation

by Habeeb Onawole 3

Apple has come a long way with the iPhone ever since the first one was released in 2007 and they’ve had their highs and lows with respect to the launch of a new model. But it seems Apple is planning a game changer for next year’s iPhone which coincides with the 10th year anniversary of the launch of the first generation iPhone.


Apple’s last 3 phones haven’t been much of a game changer as they either just featured minor changes such as a new processor like the iPhone 6S or just featured new guts in an old body as seen in the iPhone SE. But a rumour going round says Apple is deploying all resources towards next year’s release in time for the 10th year anniversary.The source says the 2017 iPhone will kick start a new generation of iPhones.

4th Generation iPhone
4th Generation iPhone

Apart from focusing on a new design, Apple will be bringing back the glass back that featured on the iPhone 4 and will also make use of an OLED display.

iPhone 7 Render
iPhone 7 Render

This new info means the iPhone 7 scheduled to be released in September will only be sporting a few changes and won’t look much different from last year’s model.

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  • Nam Dang

    Apples latest 3 smartphones are iPhone 6S, 6S Plus and SE.
    These are basically in one generation (e.g. Xiaomi Mi5 has 3 versions, Zuk Z2 and Zuk Z2 Pro), so you shouldn’t expect any big differences.
    Furthermore, comparing to their last year generation (iPhone 6, 6 Plus) they integrated a 3D touch display, Live photos and a better camera with more MP.
    If you’re considering this as minor changes, well then.

  • greg

    Apple is beginning to fade , while a lot of other companies are starting to catch up , Apple is unable to offer its only main selling point , so they can´t and won´t deliver anymore and Iphone will just go lower and lower in sales

    • Wolvie

      Ah but problem is in real world their hardcore fanboys still willing to keep buying their products at insanely markup price LOL. So for apple, they just keep releasing new product every year.