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360 N4S New Renders Reveal A Premium Metal Body

by Joe 2

360 Mobiles is all set to release their new smartphone, the 360 N4S as well as the new 360 OS 2.0 on July 15. And thanks to a previous TENAA listing, we already know that the N4S will be an upgraded model coming with an all metal body instead of the plastic one found on the N4. Now, a new render also seems to have confirmed the metal design of the upcoming device.

360 n4s render

So what can we take from this new render? First of all, it looks like the 360 N4S will be pretty slim. Further, we can confirm the metal body judging the texture as well as the antenna lines on top. The phone has smooth curves and except for the metal body, the overall design is in line with its sibling, the 360 N4. Further, we can see that there will be a gold color option for the device, which isn’t a surprise considering most metal phones in 2016 comes with gold and rose gold options.

360 n4 metal 02

Apart from the metal body, the N4S will also feature improved battery life since it’s expected to come with a large 4920mAh battery. We also expect two versions of the device, one with Helio X20 on board and the other with the Snapdragon 652 chipset and 6GB RAM.

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Pricing is also said to be aggressive with the Helio X20 model starting at 1499 Yuan ($224) and the SD652 variant retailing at 1699 Yuan ($254). But it remains to be seen if the price is going to be this cheap since the Snapdragon 652 model is also said to come with 6GB RAM.

Hopefully, we will soon get more clarity about the two models and their specs in the coming days.


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  • Muhammad Yasir

    crazy good prices !

    please release phone for LESS than $300 with SD 823/821 PLEASE !

  • Wolvie

    Mediatek X20 at $224 vs Snapdragon 652 at $254 ?
    Different by $30 only, I think it is a no-brainer choice to buy the Snapdragon version.

    So far i am very satisfied with my xiaomi RN3 pro, so my opinion is biased already. Never been happy with my mediatek smartphone before, last time i got no choice as i didn’t have enough $$$ to buy any snapdragon smartphone to try.

    Btw very good price, let’s just see if this is really the low price that they are selling.
    Hopefully also same price to international buyer (hey i can dreaming rite LOL ?) .

    I never ever trust leak information.