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Snapdragon 821 Official, Offers 10% Improvement Over SD820

by Joe 3

Snapdragon 820 is the clear market leader when it comes to flagship grade processors in 2016, but this capable chip is soon going to be beaten by its successor, the Snapdragon 821. We have been hearing a lot about Snapdragon 821 and its presence in the upcoming flagship smartphones and now, Qualcomm has just made the chip official, further revealing that we can expect to see smartphones running this SoC in the second half of the year.


The chipmaker reveals that Snapdragon 821 will offer 10% increase in performance as compared to Snapdragon 820. It features the same quad-core architecture as the SD820 but runs at 2.4GHz instead of 2.2GHz. The company is yet to reveal detailed specs of the new chip, but the GPU and other specs are expected to be almost similar to the Snapdragon 820.

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There are a lot of smartphones that are expected to feature this new chip, including the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Note 2 which may debut later this month. Then there’s LeEco flagship and even the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is said to feature this upgraded Snapdragon 821 version.

Turns out, the Snapdragon 820 chip which started featuring inside flagships earlier this year, is old already!


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  • jimberkas

    big whoop. fast as the latest processors are, 10% increase is negligible. unless they are also 30% more battery efficient, I don’t see any reason to get excited about it. now phone makers can start concentrating on shatter proofing and water proofing instead of cramming “faster”, hotter processors in the phones.

  • So much for the new CPU core design that was rumored, guess they left that for the Snapdragon 823 or next gen.

  • greg

    Like we need a faster CPU , there´s no need for more power today