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UHANS makes sure your UHANS S1 remains intact

by Dimitris Economou 0

In daily use, it’s hard not to come across circumstances that can damage or soil your device. It’s almost fate, I would say. However, UHANS has you covered as the company provides you with the required tempered glass and silicon case to make sure your UHANS S1 stays as safe as possible. And by “provides” I mean, “gives you for free“.


The tempered glass protector UHANS has prepared comes with an oleophobic coating, which reduces the chance that fingerprints and other stains may attach. What’s more, it is customized for UHANS S1’s 2.5D display.


In addition, the silicone case is also customized, fitting all the headphone jack and buttons of UHANS S1 perfectly. It is not too different from other silicon cases out there, except that it has some gripping points that prevent you from dropping the device. as well as a matte surface that doesn’t attract fingerprints.

The two accessories which you get for free cost $15 and the device comes at 50% discount for the next 3 days, only $139.89 here


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