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UMi Super will receive CyanogenMod soon!

by Dimitris Economou 1

Advancements in the software section have hardly matched the way the hardware side of things have progressed. In the smartphone world, this means that users are left with sub-standard software that often lacks the polish to unleash a device’s true potential. Here is were Cyanogenmod steps in.

UMi Super cyanogenmod

If you recall, a few months back, a study revealed that the CyanogenMod OS is the third most popular mobile phone operating system among smartphones, even ahead of the Windows Phone, although CM is a fork of Android and not easy to install if you are a novice user! There surely must have been something that the CyanogenMod team did right to achieve that.

UMi Super cyanogenmod
Get the hint? Yes, it’s happening: UMi’s 2016 flagship, the UMi Super is about set to receive CyanogenMod in a few weeks time and by the photo we see that it is the latest Android 6.0.1.  It seems that at UMi, they strive to bring the best out of their devices by wedding powerful hardware with shiny software. CyanogenMod for the UMi Super is only one step towards that, So be ready to be able to customize the way your UMi Super looks, feels and behaves with CM13!

UMi Super cyanogenmod

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