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UHANS A101: A tribute to Nokia

by Dimitris Economou 4

Except for U100, U200, S1 and Balance, another new member named UHANS A101 has joined the party. Just as its name suggests, it is the first model of the new “A” Series standing for affordable smartphones and also a tribute to Nokia. Although this giant has fallen down, its scrupulous attitude in phone manufacturing and glorious sales legend still remain. It is a classic brand to be admired in people’s mind.


To give tribute to it, UHANS A101 is going to carry on some outstanding characteristics of many Nokia phones. Rugged and solid as Nokia device were, it will be hard to surpass but an effort to get as close to them as possible is always welcome.

UHANS A101 will be a smartphone with a very tantalizing budget powered with MT6737 . It is like a simple T-shirt or jeans rather than a tuxedo. You don’t pay too much or worry too much. Will it be another budget rugged device from a Chinese manufacturer? We will have to wait until middle of August to find out as it is then that it will be released.

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  • Retro 3310 coming up next?

    • Matthéo

      I’m thinking of the legendary Nokia 1110

      • Wolvie

        Maybe you mean the legendary Nokia 5110.
        This beast battery can last 1 full week and very darn sturdy.

        • Matthéo

          good god I love the way how Nokia makes the phones unmashable. Can’t wait to see how the uhans A101 turns out