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Elephone S7 Specs Revealed: Helio X20, 3GB RAM & More

by Dimitris Economou 34

Not too long ago, Elephone revealed a new model series, the Elephone S7 series, which from the first renderings seems good looking and has great configuration for all budgets as it will come in various specs with prices ranging from $99.99 to $189.99.

Elephone S7 Series
Now, more info has emerged about one of the Elephone S7 models that will be equipped with Helio X20 10-core CPU, which will allow heavy-users experience more smoothness during the usage. Double curved glass delivers real bezel-less display plus there is a metal middle frame that makes holding more comfortable.

Elephone S7 Series
At the same time, Elephone S7 has 5.5″ FHD display and as always, Elephone tries to make the best screen-to-body ratio out of a phone. The 3GB RAM really meets mobile game players’ demand for game smoothness and multitasking as it can handle more apps being open simultaneously and the 32GB internal storage will satisfy most of the users. Of course, there is a fingerprint sensor present on the home button. The rear camera is 16 MP and the front is 8MP.

More details will be available soon here and on the company’s website here.

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  • Muhammad Yasir

    here we go … AGAIN :@ !

  • Ionut Johnny

    They try to make an s7 clone… And they will fail miserably.

    • isaballl

      I think so…regarding the new devices, so many choices. If you don’t list what you needs, you will keep looking again and again. as for myself, I only take the battery, cams, memory and sim/sd card into account, no others..and I find a new phone with good price , oukitel u15s.

  • balcobomber25

    Looks like someone took an S7 and Mi5 and combined them. Unfortunately unlike those two phones this one will stop working 3 months from now.

    • Hakim Farouk

      It’s like you read my mind. haha

    • Karly Johnston

      It is called built-in obsolescence.

    • PhoneFix

      so waht .. who cares only moaning pathetic usa ppl .. go shag crappy iphone

      • balcobomber25

        I care when my phone breaks after 3 months. Apparently you don’t, enjoy your crappy brand that rips people off every chance they get. And I haven’t used an iPhone ever, but nice try. I prefer actual brands like Xiaomi, Huawei and LG.

        • PhoneFix

          I don’t believe you.. you defo tried iphone.. everybody did ..
          I like when is something nice elegant exactly same quality as expensive phones and cost 1/4 from those ”famous brands logo”
          ANd yes Huawei is great especially new Honor V8 (2k screen version)

          • balcobomber25

            I know lots of people that haven’t used iPhone. I never had any reason to. My first smartphone was a Nexus One in 2010.

          • jimberkas

            I’ve never used an iphone either. and I’m one of those moaning pathetic usa ppl. go figure. First smartphone was HTC Aria with a sweet 3.2″ screen. I’d say about half the people I know are using iphones.

          • Believe me Iphones are good, but very limited in customization and (not to mention stupid itunes)
            Also older iphones like the 5S run slow and still cost more than 350$.
            Make no mistake though, CPU and GPU on the Iphone are beasts and very well optimized, but nothing really availavle to stress them.

          • balcobomber25

            I am not doubting iPhone most of my family uses them but they were never for me. They are some of the most well optimized devices in any category, any phone brand could learn a lot from Apple’s software engineers. Personally I think Apple is good for Android, competition brings out innovation.

        • The fact is that real brands have price competitive phones in the mid-range section.
          The P9 lite matches any Helio P10 phone, while the Honor 8 beats any X10 one. Not to mention Meizu Pro 6 and Upcoming Redmi Note 4.
          Why are people still paying so much money(above 200$) for Elephone/Ulefone crap?

    • Simon Wu

      I’ve used an elephone, it lasted 1 and 1/2 years, then finally broke, after going to a very hot and humid place for vacation. If you take care of them, like any other phone, they can last a while.

      • balcobomber25

        I had one it broke in the first month, friends have had them that broke between the 1-3 months of usage. We all took care of them.

  • aryacebe

    Wow this is so original -.-

  • Hakim Farouk

    I once had a reply from the elephone forum saying the reason why they release many products is because they wanted to be innovative. I don’t see the innovation though. haha

  • Wolvie

    Another day another annoying bullshit crappie advertising from elephoney.
    But again they always make my day with all their launching of non ever existence gadgets LOL

    Question is why they never get tired with these jokes ???

  • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

    What? Max $190 for X20? Lol

  • PhoneFix


    • Adam Irvine

      It’s clearly just another one of Elephones renders which will turn out to not look the same and will be a big pile of sh1t and break quite quickly due to poor manufacturing and skimping on the materials used…

      Not to mention their terrible software engineering mainly due to a new phone being pumped out every week and forgetting last weeks model as quick as a flash!

      But hey, if you like it, you go for it haha, rather you than me!

      • PhoneFix

        I never had elephone only one former work colleague had p5000 and it was quite bad.. But battery was awesome..
        I only go for nice elehant design..
        Hope design will staly as on pictures..
        And with helio x20….will be great phone.. Hopefully they don’t disappoint this time..

        • balcobomber25

          This design is ripped off from Samsung and Xiaomi.

    • Hakim Farouk

      But those idiots will have a phone that will last them for years. While this one will be a sink or swim phone. 50% of the time your phone won’t even survive for a year and another 50% if your phone manages to survive, you’ll have countless software issues, hence Elephone. There are cheap phones that you can trust tho like Meizu, Xiaomi, Zte, Lenovo, Huawei but definitely not this brand. haha

      • PhoneFix

        Stay last for years..what u mean like 10 years ? Yeah right.. And ppl changing phones like socks..
        If it comes with stock MM it will be ok i suppose..

        • Hakim Farouk

          I didn’t say 10 years. Who uses a phone for 10 years anyway. Where’s your common sense? Years as in 2,3 and maybe 4, logically. Not matter what android LP, MM there will always be bugs. Just Elephone is not capable of making good or even stable softwares. Apparently they have quality issues as well as stated by many on their forum and other famous blogs. Perfect example, p8000 latest release 6.0 but the fingerlock is not working. No company that I know of releases half baked roms but this one. They promised 6.0 that they had been working on for months now that it’s released, they can’t get the fingerlock to work? rendering p8000 fingerlock, useless. And there are other many issues if you just browse through their official forum.

          • PhoneFix

            Heheh “common sense” right.. 🙂
            You said it’s too late correcting yourself 😀
            No, ppl espec. young has phone max 2 years…
            Ok ill leave you to it.. Bye 😉

          • Hakim Farouk

            Yes, I said “years”. I did not indicate on a specific number of years. Do you know english? or you assumed that i meant 10, 100, 1000 years? haha. Common sense dude. What a weirdo..

          • PhoneFix

            Ok kiddo have a nice day 😉

          • balcobomber25

            He did say years, but he never said 10 years. Years could be anything over 1 year.

  • MitsosDaBest

    From 1 day the phone will have bugs and after 3-4 months, will stop working. Elephone rules! LOL!

  • VMortens

    Model naming – soooo inventive …

  • Elephone S-series is a totall failure. They are now calling this one S7 (4,5,6 skipped) to confuse people into thinking this is Samsung. Pathetic!
    Stay away!