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Why Buy Xiaomi From The Official Stores? Top Reasons

by Frank Tu 5

Here are the top reasons why should you buy Xiaomi products from the official stores and not just from any random online stores or outlets.

Customers’ Protection Who Buy Xiaomi

Xiaomi official stores adhere to strict customer protection policies. This includes, in case of gearbest – upto 45 days money back guaranty with no Xiaomi -gearbest moneyback-image

Full refund is provided if the product does not arrived within the duration promised by the seller in case of AliExpress. If the product is not as described by the seller, you can ask for full refund and return or partial refund and keep the xiaomi -aliexpress policy-image

Everbuying has a policy of 3 months exchange warranty where buyers can resend the items that have stopped working within 3 months of purchase. Except that the buyer pays for the shipping of item, an exchange item will be sent by the seller free of cost including shipping.


The price at which Xiaomi products are available at the official stores will generally be lowest or very competitive. In case of stores like everbuying, lowest price is guaranteed.lowest price guarenteed-everbuying-image

Wide Range of Xiaomi Products

Official stores will surely have a wide range of Xiaomi products from which buyers can select.

Shipping of Products

Huge shipping agencies partner with Xiaomi official stores for fast, safe, reliable and frequently free shipping of products ordered by buyers shipping and guaranteed courier-geekbuying-image

Free Repair Warranty

Xiaomi official stores provide upto one year of free repair warranty for products ordered online.

Secure Payment

Security of payment is very important while transacting online, which is guaranteed by Xiaomi official online xiaomi -geekbuying secure pay-image

Check Out for More Information

Those are only a few information. Additionally,  you may click on to check out for more information about the following Xiaomi official online stores or distributors:

To better equip you with tips on how to know if a Xiaomi store or outlet is official or not, read some resources available online. There are plenty of resources available and one of them is xiaomitoday website which keeps and update of Xiaomi and related products.

And lastly, use the search results wisely as the top results are not necessarily the best options. Any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service provider might be using tricks to up-rank the search result of a particular website or post. Use your senses to visit the authentic stores, sites and resources to before you buy Xiaomi products.

Know these information to avoid troubles after you buy Xiaomi products. Happy buying!

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  • Oh well, because we can pay higher price, even doubled price like Mi Band 2 :3

  • balcobomber25

    The only official Xiaomi site is Mi and it’s only available in select countries. The others can be hit or miss when it comes to price and warranty coverage. There are complaints all over the web especially of Gearbest, not covering the warranty.

    • willysson

      Hi, me again (sorry if I’m bugging you). Further to my question about Thailand telecom bands, the Leagoo Shark 1 lists 3G on W-CDMA2100. Will this work on DTAC’s UMTS2100? Thanks. Close to a purchase now (it’s been a long time in the making!).

      • balcobomber25

        Yes, WCDMA and UMTS are used interchangeably by many companies.

    • Wolvie

      Yupe you are right, once you bought from china re-seller then more or less you are on you own regardless you bought from big re-seller or smaller one.

      Happened to me before so i know this issue very well. Got friend followed my recommendations bought 2 units of Redmi Note 3 pro from aliexpress. 1 of the unit always shown -2% battery status. Obviously something was wrong. so i brought to Xiaomi Service centre here in Singpore, they DIDN’T WANT TO FIX it because this unit was bought from china and ask me to check with the china seller for the warranty and fixing.

      Luckily after i searched high and low from internet, there are other user have the same problem. Just need to flash to original Global MIUI firmware and problem solved. I guess i just lucky or something.

      Well lesson learned the hard way. Just be prepare for any surprises when you buy online from china as anything can be happen. I will still buy from them as china smartphones are much much much cheaper and normally got good specs compare to those premium well known brands. It is worth the gambling.