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Chuwi Ublue smart car charger on sale

by Dimitris Economou 2

Charging on-the-go is very important because a power outlet isn’t always available and when it is combined with fast charging, it makes the perfect couple. Chuwi has the perfect solution to that: Chuwi Ublue. We had told you about the charger about a month ago and this is your chance to obtain it at a very good price, almost a steal.

chuwi ublue

Chuwi Ublue is on sale at Amazon from the company’s official store for $12.79 and you can get it by visiting the product page here. If you are hesitant, you won’t be anymore after reading the detailed specs of the charger below:

1. Dual USB ports: 5V/3.4A dual USB ports, max 5V/2.4A per port. Can charge 2 mobile devices at the same time. (Input: DC 12V-24V, Output: DC 5V/2.4A*2, Total output: 3.4A)
2. Smart-charge technology: Can intelligently identify your device to deliver its fastest possible charging speed, the conversion rate is up to 95 percent. Saving you charging time and increasing your device battery life.
3. Multi-protect safety system: Supports input overvoltage protection, output overcurrent protection, output circuit protection, over-temperature protection, constant voltage and current function and so on.
4. Ring-shaped blue LED indicator: Light color is very soft and meets the United States FMVSS safety standards.
5. Applicable for most car models: Metal springs provide a secure fit for various power port designs. Also supports both 12V and 24V, which are available on most cars.
6. Integrated metal body: Adopts top-quality brass, meticulously made in 18 steps. Has a beautiful metallic finish, excellent electric conductivity, heat dissipation and high thermal resistance.chuwi ublue

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  • jimberkas

    there are cheaper name brand versions with the same specs on amazon. any reason why this would be worth more money? don’t think so

  • Anderson Casotti

    Can Anyone suggest a car fast charge , I mean,
    Quick charge (mtk, pump bla bla bla tech) for me?
    Is this charger good for me, for instance?
    I have a chinese MTK fast charge phone and my sister a galaxy s5
    Is there a car charger that can be used by both phones?
    I know its a little off topic yet I’ d aprecciate a little help