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Elephone S7 official photos

by Dimitris Economou 5

Elephone is soon to launch another good-looking product named Elephone S7 in September. The design features a double curved glass body with various colors, which will bring a fresh look to the company. Elephone not only makes S7 stand out for its appearance but works pretty hard on the configuration during development as well.
Elephone S7
Elephone S7 will offer you 2 options to choose from, one that will come with super powerful configuration and another with lower configuration spec-wise. The more powerful one will feature a 5.5″ bezel-less FHD display, will be equipped with Helio X20 chipset and 3GB RAM – 32GB internal storage. Of course, the fingerprint sensor couldn’t have been left out and is embedded on the front home button.
Elephone S7
The beautiful design that is achieved by using curved glass on both sides of the device will -according to information- come in more than two colors, with Gold and Blue being two of them. As for the camera modules, there will be a 16MP at the back and one 8MP on the front for quality selfies.
Elephone S7
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  • Chayan Majhi

    Any idea about the price of high configured version? And when it will be launched?

    • jimberkas

      not sure on price, though other sites have said it would range from $100 to $190.

      but as to when it will be launched…according to the first line in the article:
      “Elephone is soon to launch another good-looking product named Elephone S7 in September”

      but knowing Elephones history, I wouldn’t hold my breath on that September launch.

      • Chayan Majhi

        Thanks for the information 🙂

  • jimberkas

    god i hate this post.
    what you are calling the “official photos” are the same bullshit RENDERS that have been floating around for weeks.
    these aren’t photos and you damn well know it. I get that you gotta run some ads, but try to keep the blatant lies to a bare minimum if you can.

  • PhoneFix

    Beautiful am buyin it! (if they keep the price as stated!)