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Here’s The 13.3-inch Xiaomi Notebook Air In Video & it Looks Good!

by Joe 11

Xiaomi is all set to announce the Xiaomi Notebook at today’s conference. While the device is yet to be officially unveiled, a promo video has revealed a lot of things about the upcoming laptop, including its looks, size and some features.


First of all, the Xiaomi Notebook will come with a 13.3-inch display with a lightweight metal body. How light you ask? Well, according to the promo video, the laptop is going to weigh just 1.28 kg. Further, the device comes with an inbuilt NVIDIA graphics card to make sure that you can play some high-end games on the device.

xiaomi laptop air

Other features that were revealed by this leak is the presence of LPDD4 RAM, AKG custom speakers, Dolby surround sound support, 9.5 hour battery life, USB Type-C port and thin design.

xiaomi laptop air

There are a lot of things revealed in the video, including the fact that the laptop comes in GOLD! Another interesting thing is that the laptop is called as the Mi Laptop Air in the video.

Well, we will soon hear all the official details including the official name of the Mi laptop in the next couple of hours. So stay tuned to Gizmochina for latest updates.

Meanwhile, check out the promo video from down below and let us know what you think.



More pictures from this leaked video.

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  • Hakim Farouk

    Will be priced at 4999 yuan for the mid and 3499 yuan for the entry level.

    • Joe

      Yes! Launch article coming very soon.

    • Zenkada

      Wondering how much will resellers ask for it.

      • Hakim Farouk

        Probably depends on where you are. EU and US probably, being the highest. Malaysia, where I’m from, we’ll probably get a slight price hike. Nothing too crazy. I was hoping to get it in China tho that is if there’s stock. Going there maybe in 2 months time. We’ll see

        • bojan radovanovic

          it’s not just resselers…EU and USA also has taxes, wich is from 18 to 26% on total price (with included shipping).
          so for this money, you can buy a lot of other laptops, with same HW (plus touch screen f.e.), and even get 2 year of wareenty 😉

          • Hakim Farouk

            Probably. Would only be worth it if it goes to EU, US officially. or you have someone you know coming back from China and have them purchase for you. haha

          • bojan radovanovic

            Same thing for us in Europe is with other devices, such is nexus and iPhone mobile phones, laptops and much other…which is cheaper in USA, but we have to pay tax if we order it from there.

          • Wondercool

            Which laptops for that money? I can’t find anything 800 euro that has these specs (1920HD, expandable SSD, Nvidia 940, Core I5)

          • bojan radovanovic

            Just check lenovo models. Last year i have bought yoga 2 13, with 8,GB RAM 256 ROM, i5, touch screen, illuminated keyboard… For 600$ (5600 Norwegian kroner).
            Anf it comes with 2 year warranty as all products bought in Europe does.

          • bojan radovanovic

            Oh, yes… One more thing, this one is not 700$, you have to pay tax on it too.

  • Zhen

    Won’t be buying one, but this is really promising from Xiaomi, as first generation devices, this is really impressive. Certainly will be spreading this to friends and family by word of mouth.