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Vodool In-Ear foldable Bluetooth headset for $26

by Dimitris Economou 1

Bluetooth headsets have been a painful story for most of us. How many times haven’t you used it for some days and then forget it in some drawer because you it you got tired of charging it every other day? Or how many of these have you lost or gave them a nice washing inside your jeans pocket? Many I bet so here comes Vodool bluetooth headset to the rescue.

Vodool Headset

What is so special about Vodool then? For starters, it is a stereo headset with in-ear earphones that makes it ideal for sports. Its earphones are retractable and hide into the rest of the body when you don’t need them with the press of a button. What’s more, the whole design is foldable something that makes this kind of headsets super portable, unlike other similar models.

Vodool Headset

The device can connect to two smartphones simultaneously via BT 4.0 for easy call switching and clear communication. Because of the retractable design, the headset has a big 300mAh battery that allows for 300 hours of standby time or 18 hours of talk time while music playback can go on for 16 hours.

The Vodool bluetooth headset is on sale at Newfrog for the next 13 days for only $26.59 dollars and you can get it by visiting the product page here.

Vodool Headset

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