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Xiaomi Redmi Pro Up For Pre-Order From Oppomart

by Suhaib 15

After months of speculation and numerous leaks Xiaomi Redmi Pro went official yesterday. There is much to talk about this smartphone which we will do later. All the variants of the newly launched device from Xiaomi is now up for pre-order from Oppomart. This smartphone is available in Gold, Silver and Gray colour options and the pricing details are as follows:

  • Redmi Pro 32GB   – $249.00 (1660 Yuan)
  • Redmi Pro 64GB   – $299.00 (1990 Yuan)
  • Redmi Pro 128GB  -$349.00 (2325 Yuan)

redmi pro official

Though there are many salient features, the dual rear camera setup is the main highlight of this device. Redmi Pro features a 5.5-inch 1080p in-cell OLED display and is powered by a Helio X25 deca-core chipset clocked at 2.3GHz. Like mentioned above it is available in three different storage variants – 32GB , 64GB, and 128GB, equipped with 3GB / 4GB RAM. There are 13MP+ 5MP dual rear shooters mounted on the device and a fingerprint sensor is housed on the front of the phone. It is fueled by a 4050mAh battery. You can check the performance and Antutu test results of this smartphone here.

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You can pre-order Xiaomi redmi Pro now from and the shipping will start from August 10. You can check out more photos of this device here.

Pre-order Xiaomi Redmi Pro from Oppomart
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  • Robert Johnson

    I was hoping for 6GB of ram….

    • PhoneFix

      what for . ? don’t be brainwashed.. i have 2gb in my smartphone and all flies perfectly..

      • Robert Johnson

        The 6GB comes into play if you heavily multitask or play very complex games not for storage.

        • PhoneFix

          oh come oon i have 15 apps open and i live

          • Robert Johnson

            I have a oneplus 3 running the latest 3.2.2 update and I have more than double that

          • PhoneFix

            I just said it objectively..
            It doesn’t matter as ppl hates have open apps anyway to save batt.
            So ppl closing them all time
            No amount of ram needed..
            What is more important that you have speedy fast rams ddr4

          • Robert Johnson

            Sure but at least the 4GB/128GB device for 349 dollars is not bad but you have to take into consideration the Helio CPU as opposed to a Snapdragon CPU.

        • greg

          No current game needs the 6GB Ram configuration ,thats just something to brag about it , 4GB is more than enough ,just open lets say 15 apps and 3 of the most advanced games and still you have available free Ram , so 6 GB Ram …. just a gimmick

  • roni24

    250$ is a little expensive, even for 4GB RAM, 220$ is more reasonable price, because of helio x20/x25

    • Assefa Hanson

      buy a vernee apollo lite or a qiku n4s if you want something more price friendly i find this very reasonable still as these prices have mark up for profit ive already seen prices like 260-270 already from other retailers

  • Ren

    Given that these are MediaTek based phones with mid-tier performance and poor GPU performance (and also no GPS, remember the EPO files downloads? Lol), the prices should have been:

    – Redmi Pro 32GB – $149.00
    – Redmi Pro 64GB – $199.00
    – Redmi Pro 128GB -$249.00

    At the current pricing, these won’t sell much. Eventually, prices will come down by a lot, and not too far in the future – more like in the next 3 or 4 months. So all you broke cheapos can hold on to your torn wallets a little bit more and save some additional moolah for food stamps maybe?

    • Eni

      The price should be lower.
      I have used redmi note 2, letv le 1, letv 1s, meizu mx5, meizu m2, never had a problem with gps.

    • xploratorul

      X20/25 are top tier CPUs and GPU is also powerful. Prices are ok. Vernee Apollo has the same platforms with more RAM and costs double.
      Your prices are ridiculous, knowing that 150 dollars get you Redmi 3 with 2 GB RAM.

    • You are dead wrong, while the chip has some heating issues, GPS now works like a charm and all games fly on the Mali 880MP4

    • Jh1

      Would have likes to see the price a but lower as well, but the x20/25 is a fine chipset, and this will sell very well. I’ll wait until prices drop a ways before picking one up though…. Depending on how good the camera performs