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POLL: What do you think of Xiaomi’s NO LOGO design on the Mi Notebook Air?

by Joe 8

Xiaomi recently announced two new laptops in the Mi Notebook Air lineup. Both are super thin laptops, weighs just over 1 kg and comes with Windows 10 OS on board. This is the company’s first laptop series in the market and while Xiaomi has made sure that the two models looks elegant and compact, it decided that the front of the laptop should be logo-less. The only major area where we see Xiaomi’s branding on this laptop is just below the screen, where there is the “Mi” logo.

Xiaomi Notebook Real Images (1)

This is a bold move by the company, since most laptop companies like to leave their branding on their laptops, especially on top, to distinguish it from competitors. Mibook Air 12.5-inch

Well, you can customize the looks of the laptop however you want, and the logo less design on the front actually makes things easier to redesign. But I was wondering what you feel about this logo less design?

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Would you have rather prefered the Mi branding on top of the new laptops? Let us know by voting in the poll below.


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  • Big logos are ugly, cos they are ugly and big;)

  • Jack Wong

    Keep it neat, we can always put some decal sticker on it.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    who dafuq cares

  • teja

    Get a apple sticker !!

  • Lawrence Rodgers

    Will Xiaomi provide any free stickers?

  • Branislav Blesák

    Buy Xiaomi Mi Graver (coming soon) and scribble on it 🙂

  • Max

    That’s beautiful, I’d love it if less manufacturers would put their logos on their products. The Mi logo is not a very good looking one, but I don’t really mind it if it’s on the back of something. The idea of a logo is for people to recognize the brand, but I don’t need to see it all the time on the front like they have it on some of their phones.

  • James

    I really like it – nice clean design. I don’t require a logo of any sort on any of my devices, I understand why companies do it building a brand – but I prefer an understated, unbranded, non-shouty device.