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Vernee Apollo Lite first OTA update!

by Dimitris Economou 4

Vernee has promised to offer constant software support to its clients and it has stood up to its words till now. The Vernee Thor has already received four OTA updates and now it is time for the Vernee Apollo Lite to receive its first.

Vernee Apollo Lite

As the sole deca-core smartphone aiming at the European market, the Apollo Lite showcases Vernee’s adherence to the promise that it will offer ongoing great aftersales service. In this regard, within one month after it shipped out those devices, Vernee rolled out the first OTA update for its current flagship – Apollo Lite.

At present, many smartphone brands started to release their 10-core smartphone. After Meizu’s launch of the MX6, Xiaomi also released its first deca-core smartphone – Redmi Pro. Vernee Apollo Lite, sporting MTK Helio X20 configuration, aims to win its market share with the highest cost-effectiveness and premium after-sale service.

Below are the main optimizations and fixes for this update:


1. Improved call quality and sound effect of the speaker
2. Enhanced image quality of rear camera
3. Optimized performance of PDAF and dual tone flash
4. Improved Quick Charging performance
5. Addressed a problem where third-party app may show wrong battery status
6. Fixed bugs that appear in some apps

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  • princetom

    I am biginning to love this company

  • Yves Severyns

    Amazing. I really hope that the Vernee Apollo (none lite) ships with NFC and hits the market before the end of september. Then it’s mine.

  • jimberkas

    was quite interested in this phone until I got the Moto G4. But I’d love to see some legit reviews.
    Would love to see a US release, of course.

  • Adrian Albenov

    Hi There ,

    Good job vernee team!

    But i have little problems after the update ;

    1- When i put phone to charge from my laptop ( the phone does not charge.)

    2- When charging normally i receive message that says the phone overheated. ( rellay gets hot.)

    3- Why there is no more 4k video recording ?

    Kind Regards
    Adrian Albenov