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MediaTek Helio X30 Chipset Unveiled With PowerVR GPU, Cortex A73 Cores

by Suhaib 5

Until last year, most of the budget devices were being powered by MediaTek chipsets. But this is not the case anymore as MediaTek has made great progress and its chipsets have improved a lot in recent months. MediaTek started manufacturing deca-core chipsets the first being Helio X20 followed by Helio X25 and now MediaTek has unveiled another deca-core chipset, the next gen Helio X30. Previously, it was revealed that Helio X30 will be a deca-core chipset which is now found out to be true. You can read more about the leak here. Later on, MediaTek COO confirmed the specs of this chipset.

helio x30

Now, coming to specifications of MediaTek Helio X30, it is a deca-core chipset and features the usual tri-cluster design in series like Helio X20 and Helio X25. Helio X30 is manufactured using TSMC’s 10nm FinFET process. If we talk about cores then there are 4 Cortex-A73 cores clocked at 2.8GHz, which is claimed to maul down heaviest of tasks, 4 Cortex A-53 cores clocked at 2.2GHz, and 2 Cortex A-35 cores clocked at 2GHz.

Helio X30 will support camera sensors up to 40MP and video capture up to 24MP. In addition to that, Helio X30 will support up to 8GB of RAM further supporting LPDDR4 (Package-On-Package) POP 1600MHz channels. It is further equipped with PowerVR 7XT quad-core GPU. This graphic engine will highly enhance the graphic performance and will be perfect for VR as well.

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That being said, Helio X30 will support LTE CAT 12 as well. This chipset is expected to ship sometime next year and we can expect some devices to show up powered by this chipset in the second half of 2017.

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  • Adam Nazifi

    Where are the chip critics when you need them, will this be able to catch up to snapdragon ?

    • Karly Johnston

      It is basically an X25 with even higher clock rates and the gpu from the A9 that is already behind the Adreno 530.

      • Adam Nazifi

        So it would be classified as a mid ranger compared to likes of SD 820 or 821 ?

        • JeffreyHF

          Actually, it will be in the market against the SD830/831, the successor to the SD820/821. If we are going to make any comparison of this 2017 chip, it should not be against SD’s 2016 offerings.

      • Stiven

        Nope, not even close, helio x30 has 4xA73 cores vs 2xA72 in x25, so it should be somewhere around sd820 probably slightly better, but graphics has never been that good in mediatek.