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Vernee Mars Real Photos Emerge: Super Thin Bezels, Premium Body

by Dimitris Economou 8

Last week Vernee announced its plan to launch a brand new model – Vernee Mars and today, the company officially released real photos of the device. Showing us some surprising features such as ultra-narrow bezels, high screen-to-body ratio, super-thin metal unibody and gorgeous display effect, the handset definitely looks beautiful.

Vernee Mars

From the released photos, we can see that this model sports a metal uni-body which is relatively narrow and super thin. In addition, Vernee also adopts Nano Molding Technology to make this handset even better.

Rumour has it that the device will hit the market in the next half of this year. However, Vernee hasn’t yet released anything specific about its launch date or price.

Vernee Mars

Thanks to the previous information from last week, we already know that the device is going to be a beast with Helio P20 SoC and 6GB onboard, following the trend in the Android smartphone world. If the company ships it with a good price tag and good support as it has done with its first two models -Apollo Lite and Thor, and support it with software updates, it will certainly be a hit.

So, what do you think about the phone’s design?

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  • Adam Nazifi

    Quite good

  • Alfa O. Diallo

    Vernee seems to be serious about supporting its devices for software updates, if so, this one is really going to be a beast!

  • Craftsmanship looks top notch.
    Hope the price is right, I do believe that the 6GB RAM on that P20 is an overkill.
    P20 is about 30% less powerful than the X20, so don`t know how they`ll market that.

    • Muhammad Yasir

      are the P series THAT weak :/ ??

      • The P10 is barely an upgrade over the 6752, the P20 will be built on a new nod, so it will be more power efficient and powerful, but the GPU is still with only 2 cores and there will be a 20-25% increace in performance in general over the P10.
        Get an X20 phone when they become 160-70$ in a few months, don`t bother with the P-series.

        • Muhammad Yasir

          6752 was a beast imo.

          i am a Computer Engineering student … and in the last class of Computer Architecture , the Lecturer gave us a sneak peek into the GPU architecture (NVIDIA’s Maxwell , to be precise) where he said that GPU cores are not as strong/significant as CPU cores. as in they’re not as powerful as CPU cores…

          i know this may not sound relevant to the SoC in question … but , how many cores would have been ideal for a BEAST p20 ?!

          and thanks for the advice … im in contact with PTA regarding which Chinese Mobile Phones i can import. afaik , Xiaomi is banned atm (they have same IMEI on dual sim handsets and that’s a security hazard , apparently)

  • Muhammad Yasir

    all its missing is Dual cameras now …

  • Gizfreak

    The design is gorgious