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Elephone U-Disk is a secured USB stick with Fingerprint Encryption

by Dimitris Economou 2

Fingerprint sensors have almost become a required feature on smartphones and it is expanding to other categories as well, such as tablets and laptops. And Elephone, with continuous innovation, has gone even further by introducing a new product -fingerprint encryption U – disk, a product that will be released soon.

This new fingerprint encryption U – Disk solved the problem of most people’s private storage space. Your private space in encryption U – Disk is unable to be opened without correct fingerprint identification something that means that even if your USB stick gets stolen, they will have to steal your finger too 🙂

U - disk

The whole storage of this U – disk can be divided into two parts ( public and private area). You can store your information anywhere you want to, no need to worry about its security. The private area can be set to be closed at a fixed time, making sure it is in an absolute security condition. Moreover, the fingerprint recognition of the device is said to be quite fast and precise.

Equipped with chrysalis full metal jacket, this fingerprint encryption U – disk supports Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android systems.

More information will be available soon here and on the official Elephone page.

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  • PhoneFix

    Elephone realised that the design matters …

    • Wolvie

      I more worried about Elephoney build quality.

      A lot of people complained over internet that elephoney products were not last. You are lucky if your buy any of Elephoney products and it can survive for 1 year for normal usage.