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Umi reveals the similarities between UMi Max and the Apple iPhone

by Dimitris Economou 6

After the official specifications and design unveiling of the UMi Max, the tech world has shown interest for the device. What is it that makes the UMi Max special? Every flagship device, when released, is compared to the holy grail of smartphones -the iPhone- not only because of the performance it delivers but also because it dominates the premium category too. Well, let’s take a look, and see how it is similar to the Apple iPhone.

UMi Max

The rear of the UMi Max, compared to the iPhone

Many users have praised the UMi Max’s body, which comes in Gunmetal Gray and Bling Gold. However, the antenna lines on the Max have been fine tuned, better matching the Gunmetal Gray version. According to first-hand experience, this looks much better than the iPhone, at least for some users.

UMi Max

Similar anodizing process as the Apple iPhone

The all-metal body of the UMi Max uses the same anodizing process as the Apple iPhone. It also uses a high-strength aluminum and strong CNC structure to give it some extra durability. It is polished using a diamond knife for the highest level of precision and quality. The rear of the UMi Max also has the company’s logo which is created using laser engraving technology.

UMi Max

Beyond the symmetry of iPhone, pursue the ultimate visual aesthetics

Umi Max’s metal body design is using the three-metal fuselage design: Fingerprint and lens symmetry, speakers and microphone symmetry and button positioning symmetry. UMi’s engineers repeatedly changed the overall design of the phone body during development to achieve the symmetry of visual aesthetics. It referred to as more symmetric phone than iPhone! What do you think?

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UMi Max

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  • Weng Zero

    How this phone compare to umi super? On paper its looks almost the same..but this is cheaper than super.
    Could anyone tell the different?

    • MenTech

      One major difference is that Umi Super has 4gb ram, while Umi Max came with 3gb Ram. That put the two smartphones in a different class. However, I preferred Umi max in terms of design.

  • Mcdonald Trump

    Just another pathetic move by umi’s desperate marketing team.

  • Wolvie

    Prettier casing than Iphone maybe yes. I do admit the full casing is somewhat look nice, the way they hide the antenna is very admirable

    But hardware & software performance to iphone comparison ? Nothing to compare here, total loser.

    And again normal buyer will surely will got tricked just looking at good looking casing.

  • AndrTech

    It has a good looking. It seems that many Chinese mobiles have similar appearance, like the VKworld T1 Plus, they make some videos for it.

  • Mohammad Ishtiaq

    [Latest News from China]
    Vkworld T1 Plus global pre-sale going to start within 3 hours from now and the price would be really affordable with $109.99.
    Go and get the deal first.