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iNew H-One Health Watch introduced for $83

by Dimitris Economou 1

China is the home of maybe the most wearable manufacturers globally and slowly, one by one, big Chinese smartphone manufacturers are entering the smartwatch market. After bigger names like Huawei and Xiaomi have presented their models, it is time for iNew to make its own device, the iNew H-One Health Watch.

iNew H-One

So, what new has the iNew H-One to offer that its competitors aren’t? The device is introduced as a Health Watch and that isn’t far from the truth. It is more health oriented than similar devices as, apart from the standard heart rate and sleep monitor, it utilizes blood pressure monitor as well. The special about the H-One is that it adds Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Health Managing System that via crowdsourcing will be able to forecast bad health events. Data from the watch and data Health and Nutrition experts will all be combined to the Cloud offering advice and consulting based on your data analysis.

iNew H-One

Other than that, the watch looks like a normal watch with a 1.54inch Mirror Screen display of 240 * 240 resolution which is housed in a stainless steel frame and has quality faux leather strap and 220mAh battery which gives the wearable a stanby time of 72h. You will be able to wear it for everyday tasks that may get you wet but it is not suggested for showering or swimming in the sea. Bluetooth 4.0 is present to ensure low power consumption and it is compatible ith both Android and iOS (4.3 and 7 respectively). Of course, it also does all other things that wearables do, like calorie count, distance count, answer calls, step counter, alarm, etc.

It is on pre-order now and you can find it on AliExpress for $83.99.

iNew H-One

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