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Meizu Light Smartwatch Launches on Taobao Crowdfunding Platform

by Habeeb Onawole 6

Meizu has launched its smartwatch on Taobao’s crowdfunding platform. The watch which is called Meizu Light Smartwatch looks like a regular watch but has some functions your regular watch doesn’t have.

meizu watch all versions

There’s no AMOLED screen nor Android Wear (or regular android) and neither will you be able to change watch faces like you can do on the Huawei Watch. Do you remember the Elephone W2 Smartwatch? That’s what Meizu’s new watch reminds me of.

The Meizu Light Smartwatch however has it’s own strong points such as its stylish design and 240 days of standby power which is pretty impressive. The watch comes in 5 varieties to match different occasions/activities. There’s one with a chain-strap that comes in gun metal black and silver colours; if you prefer leather, you can also pick one of two colour options, brown or black; and a final one that has a blue and white nylon strap.

Meizu watch 12

Meizu watch 11

Meizu watch 7

Meizu watch 5


Dimensions for the watch says it will have a 42 mm diameter dial and 12 mm thickness. The Meizu light smartwatch’s surface is protected by sapphire glass and features a 316L solid steel band and frame. The leather version has its straps made from Italian leather.  There’s bluetooth 4.0, a three-axis gyroscope, an accelerometer (for measuring steps), magnetic sensor, and a 270 mAh battery built-in. It is also water resistant up to 99 ft/30 meters (3 ATM).

Pairing the watch to your phone should be pretty easy after downloading the app as long as your phone supports bluetooth 4.0 and above.

meizu watch 14


The watch is priced according to the straps. The unit with the nylon strap costs 999 Yuan ($150), the version with the leather strap costs 1299 Yuan ($196), and the one with the chain strap costs  1499 Yuan ($226).

If you want to purchase this watch, you should head to Taobao’s crowdfunding page and save yourself some cash as the price will definitely increase if you decide you want to wait for re-sellers.

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  • So, basically a Withings watch with a more traditional look to it.
    Yeah… meh. Come out with a REAL smartwatch already, with Android Wear.
    I’ve had the Moto360 and LG Watch R. The Huawei looks nice, but just too damn expensive compared.
    Someone needs to step it up. Maybe Xiaomi then…

    • Beloved Chairman Lei Jun

      1. Withings is bad
      2. Android Wear is to restrictive no good
      3. Xiaomi will bring, but with own os dear

      • If Withings is bad, this from Meizu isn’t much better.
        Disagree. In what ways? Android is probably the best option out there for the time. With a lot of third party support. How you want to get a market full of third party applications?
        Not sure. It might work. The Ticwatch 2 seems to be thinking the same…

      • Tyler

        When Xiaomi SmartWatch will release Mr. Chairman?
        I’m huge fan of Mi right now 😀

        • Beloved Chairman Lei Jun

          Hi Dear, we will announce more details on August 30. Grettings

  • Qidamin

    For the same price I’ve just bought the Ticwatch 2, should recieve it soon.