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All black LeEco Le 2s Back Cover leaks, confirms looped antenna design

by Jed John 10

The upcoming LeEco Le 2s smartphone has again featured in a new leak online. This time around the leaked images were those of the back cover of the device in pure black.

The leaked images shows the Le 2s in all black design said to be made of metal all round. The back casing also shows the openings for the main camera sensor fused with that for the LED flash sitting and there is another opening for the fingerprint sensor which would be located just underneath the rear camera.

The LeEco Le 2S was earlier rumored to feature a loop antenna design, with a render of the device sporting same getting exposed on XDA Forum. Even in an all black coating, the antenna band is still very visible running across the bottom edge of the back casing just as seen on the XDA Forum leak.

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LeEco’s next flagship, spotted on GFXBench with model number X720 is rumored to have a September 7th launch date. If that turns out to be true, it would put to rest the stunning rumors we have been getting regarding the device sporting a monstrous 8GB RAM and having a version with Qualcomm’s latest yet-to-be-featured Snapdragon 821 chipset. We wouldn’t know the entire truth until the device pops.

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  • greg

    At last!!! a LeEco the black color version , it looks awesome !! , I can wait for the release , I hope they make a 6GB RAm and 128 GB version , or at least a 6/64 version

    • Ionut Johnny

      Lets hope for 8 with 128 and cheap price :))

      • Muhammad Yasir

        $200 or less :p

        • In our dreams, yes.
          But in reality, I think a price of $400 would be fair for 8GB RAM.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            ikr :/

          • Nam Dang

            Lol, OnePlus 3 has 6GB RAM at 399$.

          • This model was rumored to have 8GB + SD 821. Both will be released as the best specs on the market.

            And mentioning OnePlus 3… usable RAM is still 4GB.

        • Ionut Johnny

          If that will be possible it will be the phone of the century but I doubt it, the price will be somewhere 400-500 $ .

          • Muhammad Yasir


  • Vishal Giri

    looks great!!