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Elephone S7 display leaked

by Dimitris Economou 11

As the time of Elephone S7 coming into market is closer, more details have been released already.
Applied with 5.5 inch FHD bezel-less screen and incell manufacturing, the radiance of Elephone S7 display can bring basically infinite visual pleasure for those who will use it. Combined with ultra high proportion of the front panel being occupied by the display, the grip feel should be great.

Elephone S7

As the device being the company’s flagship of the second half of 2016, it seems that Elephone S7 not only has strong commitment to appearance, but flexible configuration as well which will help buyers choose according to their budgets.

Powered by 10 – core processor helio X20, 3GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage, rear camera of 16MP will likely be the top configuration. Moreover, there will be a fingerprint recognition function on the front Home key of Elephone S7.

Elephone S7

Distinguished with two versions ( low and high version) and the price of Elephone will start from $99.99. The exact price has not been released from Elephone officials yet but the release date is close as rumors say it will be released in September.

More details will soon be available here and on the official Elephone forum here.

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  • greg

    The frame it´s just wrong , doesn´t have harmony with the curved screen .

  • Yeah, on the picture it’s a little awkward looking.
    Still, I love the ZTE Nubia Z9 (and F.I.T. is amazeballs!); I generally like this kind of display innovation.
    Might look better in proper lit/framed pictures.
    Still better though than all those white front huge black frames smartphones.
    And it’s starting at 99 bucks? Dang. Now we’re starting to get somewhere!

  • Karly Johnston

    Half of the icon is off the screen. lol

  • Vagelis Minas

    Did you notice the Leeco app icon?

    • PhoneFix

      no not leco but vivo

      • Vagelis Minas

        In the second photo..

        • PhoneFix

          I think it is fake as even wallpaper is from vivo.. ths is prob. xplay 5

    • Faress ElFarissi

      Yes , i do

  • jimberkas

    “Elephone S7 display can bring basically infinite visual pleasure for those who will use it.”

    wonder how much that sentence cost Elephone?
    might want to tone down the advertisements just a tad. you are overselling it.

    • PhoneFix

      Screens are not that much expensive..

  • Wolvie

    More hilarious advertising from the most hilarious china brand manufacturers.
    Elephoney never ceased to amazed me with their persistence to keep posting to public their bullshits on weekly basis LOL.

    But their team now getting more sloppy and lazy, at least if they want to fake it, they need to do it smartly ,on the screenshot, it was very obvious got LeEco icon there.