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UHANS Gives Out 5 Good Reasons Why UHANS A101 Is The Best $60 Phone

by Suhaib 11

The entry level smartphone from Chinese brand UHANS that goes by the name UHANS A101 is said to be a tribute to Nokia and sports the same quality as a Nokia smartphone. According to the brand, UHANS A101 is the best $60 smartphone. The brand has listed 5 reasons stating why UHANS A101 is the best $60 smartphone.

UHANS A101-02

UHANS A101 carries a price tag of $60 but from the look of it, it does not look like a cheap phone. The rounded corners and the ergonomic design make it elegant and lend it the premium finish it comes with.

UHANS A101-04

The 5-inch display from SHARP offers a great viewing experience with ample brightness and contrast ratio. The brand claims that display on this smartphone is on par with the display on Samsung Galaxy S7 which is a big claim. Further, it comes equipped with a Corning Glass 4 and 2.5D curved glass to protect it from smudges and scratches. That’s not all, there are two layers of anti-fingerprint coating you provide you the best viewing experience possible.

UHANS A101-03

Most of the smartphones of today come with a non-removable back panel but not UHANS A101. This smartphone comes with a rubberized housing on the back which is resistant to any fingerprint or grease.

UHANS A101-05

Most of the entry level smartphones lack the 4G LTE connectivity which is a must have connectivity feature on a smartphone and UHANS knows it very well. UHANS A101 comes with 4G LTE support at just $60 which according to the brand is the most exciting thing about this smartphone and gives this smartphone an upper hand over other entry-level smartphones.

UHANS A101-01

Last but not the least, UHANS A101 comes with independent BOX A101 which gives it a crystal clear sound and a great sound effect and all that at a price of just $60.

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UHANS says that this is the best $60 smartphone and the above-mentioned reasons are enough to prove it. To know more about this smartphone you can proceed to this link. The pre-sale of this smartphone has begun and you can buy one by visiting this link.

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  • Chris agnostos

    With 2GB of ram it would have been amazing and i would have bought it :P.
    But 1gb for 69$ is simply bad.
    Oukitel 4000 has a huge battery and 2gb of ram and costs exactly the same…

    • Comunista

      Uhans a101s with 2gb ram and 16 gb rom at 79$ , very soon

  • YuriiS

    It has long been looking for a phone for their parents. Now I choose between Uhans A101 and HomTom (Doogee)HT16. I think buy Uhans

    • Bryan

      I know nothing about such smartphone. But the fact that uhans surprises every day us with news pleasant. it pleases

  • AlexSH

    I select to myself the smartphone not more expensively than $70. I look at Uhans A101, support 4G very much is pleasant

  • André

    Uhans A101 is on MT6737 and Mali 720. Older phones have MT6580 CPU. Uhans A101 is better in terms of battery life and performance in games

  • GoodDady

    Excellent price / characteristics. Will suit modern youth. I will purchase to the twins blue and white.

  • RuFedr

    60$ – это смешно для таких характеристик. Спасибо китайским производителям! конкуренция – страшная сила!

  • nara chan

    Wow, it is the very nice smartphone with good features for someone use normally is very enough with incredible price that can get the 4G smartphone. if compare it with other brands in a round this price, I thinks Uhans A101 is the best choice with specs and features are perfect for someone no need much about smartphone.

  • Baldric

    I saw on social networks recently played this smartphone. I participated. It wasn’t lucky. To the teenager there would be an excellent gift.

  • Saidik

    Uhans A101 the excellent smartphone, but I don’t understand why the company decided to clean support of networks 4G in the new A101s model.