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Xiaomi MIUI 8 Update Is Already Out! Which Android Version Are You Stuck On?

by Joe 7

After a really long wait of a few months (MIUI 8 was announced back in May), Xiaomi finally started rolling out the MIUI 8 Stable update from August 23. We are definitely happy to get the new update, which brings lots of visual changes (mostly good) along with new features. In case you want to check ou the features of the Xiaomi’s MIUI 8 update, just read this article.


So, how’s the update so far? Is everything working smooth?

One question that we all have is what Android version is running on the Xiaomi models updated with MIUI 8. There are a few models which are scheduled to get the MIUI version based on Android M soon (Redmi Note 3 users read this article if you haven’t already). However, most of the models, especially the old ones are stuck on Android Lollipop or even Kitkat! 

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So, I just wanted to check out what Android version is your Xiaomi model running after the MIUI 8 update. I know there are a few old models like the Redmi Note 4G who are surprisingly still on Android 4.4.4 Kitkat.

You can vote the version on your phone (running MIUI 8) in the poll given below.


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  • Victor

    My Mi4 3G is still MIUI 7 with Marsmallow , no update yet

  • Karly Johnston

    My Mi4c is stuck on Lollipoop, bye bye!

  • Alex

    The Mi5 update got suspended. Turns out alot of complains about 4G problems. I dont think xiaomi was ever ready for the release. They changed the release date a couple of times.

    • Joe

      Its not an easy thing to release OTA for so many phones simultaneously. And to be honest, I personally think Xiaomi currently has more smartphones than it can handle. After all, releasing so many variants and models does have its drawbacks.

      • Alex

        Totally agree. They are releasing way too many phones. Are they trying to emulate Samsung? They should stick to what they were doing before. I don’t think they have the resources yet right?

        • Joe

          Yes, of course their resources are limited and there are just tooo many models in the market right now.

          But in their defence, given the number of Xiaomi/ Redmi phones we’ve got right now, they are doing a pretty decent job. Not perfect, but still better than most other companies.

  • gv

    i am on redmi mi3 with miui8 on kitkat, can anyone point me hwo to update the android version ?