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Elephone R9 vs iPhone 6 Plus Screen ratio comparison

by Dimitris Economou 6

Bezels is a terminology that came to our life along with the new generation of smartphones, from 2007 till now. Many users complain about the big bezels some devices (Sony devices e.g) have, other users put up with them, especially when they host front facing speakers like the HTC One did for a long time. Elephone has decided to go with the slim bezel design language when designing the Elephone R9.

Elephone R9

Again, the company compares its device with the -for many- king of the smartphones, the iPhone 6(S) Plus. The screen of R9 and iPhone 6 Plus are the same at 5.5″ but the length and width of iPhone 6 Plus are 158.1 × 77.8mm and Elephone R9 is 149.6 and 73.0mm. This means that the screen-to-body ratio of Elephone R9 is 76.48%, and iPhone 6 Plus is 67.9%.

Elephone R9

Elephone R9’s higher screen ratio is mainly from reducing the bezels on both left and right sides of the screen and a more compact arrangement of the internal structure of the body. Achieving such a high ratio, requires high-end manufacturing process as smaller bezels require advanced techniques to avoid weakening of the chassis.

So, it’s good to see Chinese companies striving hard to beat established companies like Apple, at least in terms of its looks.

Elephone R9

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