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LeEco Le Max 2 get a price cut ahead of Le 2S launch

by Dimitris Economou 16

LeEco has been the pleasant surprise of 2015 as the devices it released were big hits not only in China, but internationally too as more and more people look towards the Chinese market when updating their current device. This year, LeEco (former LeTV) didn’t let down its fans and introduced a series of high-end devices at affordable prices. Among them, is the LeEco Le Max 2, equipped with the SD820 SoC and 4GB to 6GB of RAM and 32GB to 128GB of internal storage. Well, its seems that ahead of the Le 2S launch that will take place soon as the device passed through the TENAA certification, the Max 2 is getting a price cut and this can be only good for consumers.

Le Max 2

The device is listed on Oppomart website with a $160 off its original price. What does it mean for you? That you have the chance to purchase the 4GB/32GB version for $239 and the 6GB/64GB version for $359 instead of $399 and $519 respectively. They are available only in Rose Gold color. Good prices for a device that has proven its build quality and stability. You can find it available here.

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  • Fábio

    I was thinking in buy one lee max 2, but I received in last weekend one le 2 to my girlfriend and the ‘rose’ color (unique color) is too pink! ?

    It’s really a good device with decent quality, but the color leave me embarrassed ?

    • Muhammad Yasir

      naw man … i don’t think so.
      idgaf what anyone says about color … all i care about is good price and hardware implementation done right and ofc good s/w optimizations !

      • Fábio

        If you really don’t care about pink color, you can go ahead!

        • Muhammad Yasir

          i still need the money 😀

        • Rob

          You could have put a case with a colour of your choice on it and then nobody would ever know that it’s really pink 😉

          • Fábio

            Yes, I was thinking in to do that. But the front will still pink. ?
            I also search for one screen protector with color, but didn’t find. The things would be much more easy if they just made this phone with any ‘regular’ color

  • Ivo001

    The Le Max 2 is really really pink. I have returned mine.

    • Muhammad Yasir

      just cos of color ?!

      • MaxPower

        Just??? It’s our reputation dude! 🙂

        • Muhammad Yasir

          lol … not for me. i had(still have) a pink Sony Ericsson … w705

          the world can say whatever they want i don’t really care … its a really novel piece (you won’t find too many of those slide phones in market now) and i still use it sometimes.

      • Fábio

        Friend, the color in real life is very pink! Really, something like “girl phone”

        I really don’t understand why only in “pink” they sell this phone

        Great specs for the price! But the color ?
        Sadly this is true

        • Muhammad Yasir

          man … why din’t u sell it to me instead :p

          i get it , the color was too girlish for you… but im not so much concerned with it.

          damn … i wish i had the LUXURY to reject phones based on their color :/

      • Ivo001


  • Ionut Johnny


  • Skarman

    I believe the dicount has more to do with the poor sale of this “rose gold” version than with the launch of the le2s. The other versions (Gold, silver and gray) receive no discount…

  • Ionut Johnny

    I think I will go for this if Mi Note 2 is not released this month.