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What Can You Afford with $60? A UHANS A101 maybe?

by Dimitris Economou 6

The currency rate of each country differs, which lets people well aware of the fact that we may not buy the same thing in two countries with the same amount of money. So here comes the question: what can you afford with $60 in different countries apart from a UHANS A101?


In Germany, 60 dollars equals 100 bottles of beer, coffee for a week or a meal for 2 persons. In US, a boy can buy a pair of shark wheels, a set of nice trucks from caliber, cheap deck or bearings. Things go a little different in Portugal, it is said that people can get 3 to 4 new books, take 3 people to a nice dinner, 5 new CDs or around 50 beers.


While in UHANS, you can get a UHANS A101 with a beautiful round design that you’ll fall in love with. UHANS A101 is positioned as a smartphone at entry-level, thus the price is not be ridiculously high but quite acceptable for your budget. What’s more, MediaTek MT6737 64-bit processor, 1GB RAM and 8GB of internal storage, 5MP rear camera, 2450 mAh battery capacity together with Android 6.0, fuel up A101 and makes it a perfect choice for users who don’t need much.


The price won’t stay at $60 for long, so to get the most cost-effective 4G smartphone, visit the TomTop store on eBay to get yours for just $55.


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  • Rak Ramozano

    Wow, it is the very nice smartphone with good features for someone use normally is very enough with the best price. if compare it with other brands in a round this price, I thinks Uhans A101 is the best choice with specs and features are perfect for someone no need much about smartphone ( normal user)

  • Экономный

    Это точно, купишь за 60 баксов продуктов на 3 дня. Смарт не жалко за такие деньги ребенку в школу тягать

  • TimStev

    I already ordered! I wait for sending. Even I didn’t doubt, I bought without thoughts. I trust Uhans

  • George89

    I in social nets saw this inquiry: what do you buy for $60? Generally people write about food. Better the smartphone in a hand. And the stomach let grows thin.

    • Gilmore

      I read so, it is necessary to distribute money correctly. Not to spend money for expensive smartphones if there are good copies on expensive phones. And characteristics in A101 quite good.

  • Saidik

    I think for this phone the price good, but I would like that it was not more expensive than $50.