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Elephone S7 official video

by Dimitris Economou 7

Elephone S7 Series seems to be getting close to official release, as a few days ago, the official video of the device has been uploaded to YouTube. That said, the presale period will soon begin (probably towards the end of September) and all of you who has been expecting it will be able to purchase it, probably with a small discount as well, as it happens with all the presales.

Elephone S7

The device looks really stunning, although the video shows just 3D rendering models. We have already had a sneak peek of the actual device and it indeed is beautiful. Powered by 10-core MTK Helio X20 chipset, Elephone S7 will feature a  5.2″ or 5.5″ FHD bezel-less screen depending on the version. It adopts In-Cell processing and radian sense is excellent .

Moreover, Elephone S7 has 5MP+13MP camera, 4+64GB ultra-large storage, Android 6.0 and on the home key lies the fingerprint sensor. The device will be equipped with a 3,000mAh battery that should be enough for almost everyone. PVC materials were used for the rear cover of Elephone S7 which are combined with a 15 – layer processing craft, so it looks impressive.

You can watch the official video below and learn more on the official webpage of the company here.

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  • MitsosDaBest

    You can see at the video, all the fake positive comments from the Elephone employees, with bad English… What a joke.

  • jolu

    Love that purple color. Curious to see this one when it’s launched

  • Adam Nazifi

    looks promising

  • Qasim Ala

    Ok i’ve been keeping it on the down low in fear of being called an elephone employee but im really looking forward to this phone. I’m obsessed with curved screens and was thinking of buying an s6 edge just for the screen. I hope this phone turns out to be all its hyped to be! please don’t crush our dreams elephone!

  • Should be, Curved and Bezel-less and USELESS!
    Even their 3D animation is lame and outdated.
    Could be worse I guess, like that Doogee commercial!

  • PhoneFix

    Now haters gonna change quietly mind and will be buying it .. 🙂

  • Dav

    So now, you can’t say that you can like an Elephone or an UMi without being called “employee”.
    I really don’t get people in here…

    This phone seems to be pretty good, at least its design and if you say the opposite, you are a hater that’s all.
    It’s not going to be the best smartphone ever but a design like that with Elephone’s prices, it could be interesting to check this phone.

    Elephone isn’t Samsung or even Xiaomi, therefore they are making better phones that they were making few years ago, and a curved design like this with bezel-less screen, we can’t see that in many phones, not even on HTC, SONY or APPLE.

    Give them at least for credits, even if, I agree, they didn’t produce best phones in the past, just look at Xiaomi, Huawei or Meizu.